Bridging the Transport Gap in Agriculture Sector

  • Silver Star Auto committed to providing effective and efficient solutions

In a bid to contribute to the efforts of bridging the supply chain gap within the agriculture sector in Ghana, Silver Star Auto Limited (SSAL) – a leading automobile firm in Ghana – has demonstrated its commitment to provide the necessary transport logistics that would enable an effective and efficient supply chain.

Transportation is a critical part of the agriculture sector supply chain. It is responsible for moving crops from the farm to processing facilities, distribution centers, and retailers, where they can be transformed into food products and made available to consumers.

However, there are often significant gaps in the transportation network, particularly in rural areas and developing countries. These gaps can create challenges for farmers and food companies, making it difficult to get crops to market and reducing their competitiveness.

To bridge these gaps and improve the efficiency of the agriculture supply chain, there are several steps that can be taken. In view of this, Silver Star Auto has already began partnering with some players in the sector, and seeking to further position itself as an automobile firm that provides transport solutions that are effective and efficient to farmers.

Describing steps being taken following SSAL exhibition at the 2022 Farmer Day Celebration; Sales Manager, Commercial Vehicle, at Silver Star, Jalal Kalmoni, said, “We haven’t actually engaged the industry all that much so far, but this year we’ve started a lot more partnerships, so perhaps next year we’ll be working with a lot more farms. As far as our pickups and trucks are concerned, we only currently work with one or two businesses..”

In the meantime, the management of Silver Star Auto has been expanding its horizons with several new and exciting brands for the Ghanaian market. Earlier this year, SSAL partnered up with Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles of India to bring to Ghana very competitive and high-quality light and medium-duty trucks and buses. Distribution of leading IVECO Trucks from Italy has also been secured.

“We have a wide range of vehicles that are well-suited for farmers and their needs. Farmers play an important role in providing food for the population and it’s great that you are able to offer them suitable vehicles to help them with their work. It’s important to recognize and appreciate the hard work of farmers, and I’m glad that there is a holiday in Ghana to celebrate them,” the Sale Manager stated.

Highlighting the range of vehicles; Mr. Kalmoni noted that Silver Star Auto offers a wide range of vehicles that are well-suited to the needs of farmers. The Eicher 10.80 and 10.70, as well as the Eicher Pro 3008, 2055, and 6018, are all vehicles that are designed to provide a high payload and faster delivery, which are important features for farmers.

“Now, for instance, one reason we gave the Eicher brand some thought in Ghana was that we recognized how important it is to Ivory Coast’s cocoa farming industry, where cocoa farmers primarily utilize it to carry their harvested cocoa. Therefore, we are hopeful that Ghanaian cocoa growers will experience the same level of success with the Eicher brand as has been seen in the Ivory Coast in the future.,” he said.

“Currently, we want to cooperate further with them and, if necessary, provide them with vehicles. We desire to strengthen our connections with them. It has a significant agricultural industry. Being a part of it is always beneficial, and by having a way to get all of these commodities from farms, warehouses, and individuals, you are also helping your country,” Mr. Kalmoni explained.

Overall, bridging the transportation gap in the agriculture sector requires a combination of investment, policy, and innovation. By working together, governments, industry organizations, and companies can create a more efficient and sustainable supply chain, and support the growth and success of the agriculture sector.



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