Silver Star Auto reaffirms commitment to Mercedes-Benz services


Silver Star Auto Limited (SSAL) has reaffirmed its commitment to continue serving customers as an independent, dependable partner for Mercedes-Benz in providing advice, assistance, and after-sales services.

According to Silver Star Auto, a fully-owned Ghanaian company, Mercedes-Benz, Germany, decided to choose a new dealer for Ghana without consulting anyone directly or indirectly. Instead, the German automaker chose to appoint a multinational company in Ghana that will also serve as their dealer in a number of other West African nations.

This has taken place despite the fact that the last two years have been the best for SSAL and Mercedes-Benz in terms of robust and consistent growth and undisputed market dominance for luxury vehicles in Ghana.

Highlighting the issue in a press conference, the Chief Executive Officer, Asad Nazir, said every effort made by SSAL to make a case with Mercedes-Benz in Germany has been without luck.

“We have tried our level best to make a case with Mercedes-Benz in Germany without luck; all appeals failed to have produced any response from them leaving us no choice but to seek redress from the courts,” Mr Nazir remarked.

Nonetheless, the CEO vowed that the company will not just walk away from the relationship it has built with customers with over 25 years of experience in after-sales training and support.

“Silver star vows to continue to be the prime supplier of Mercedes Benz services. We are not going to just walk away from this, we are established, and we have 25 years of experience in after-sales training and support with spare parts, with workshop facilities, with showrooms, we have 1,000s of customers who serve,” he said.

“We’re not just going to walk away just so simply; even though the other parties are trying to get us out of business. We want to assure our customers that we are not giving up and indeed, we are expanding our horizons,” the CEO emphasised.

The Executive Director, Nouhad Kalmoni, revealed that until now Tractafric Motors Corporation, the official contractual party, has been the middleman in the supply of Mercedes Benz products in the country. However, in subsequent events after the announcement of the termination of the contract, Tractafric has shown less to no interest in the Mercedes Benz passenger car business.

“Tractafric is not interested in the Mercedes Benz passenger car business, because they have their own motives for Ghana and other countries. This is what we have gathered.

So now that the Mercedes Benz middleman is gone and we have stock of the cars, and we have to sell during this year, who is supposed to undertake the warranty if I am no longer authorized to service these cars?” the Executive Director asked.

Mr. Kalmoni mentioned that although Silver Star has not been treated fairly by Mercedes-Benz, it will continue to make investments in new brands, facilities, human resources and training to continue serving its customers to the highest standard they deserve.

“We want to assure you that with the 25 years of rich experience backed by track record, knowledge, tools and facilities, genuine spare parts and internationally trained technicians, we shall remain your independent trusted partner for your Mercedes-Benz advice, support and aftersales service,” he assured.

Other Partnerships

In the meantime, the management of Silver Star Auto has been expanding its horizons with several new and exciting brands for our market.

Currently, SSAL is the authorised distributor of Peugeot and Citroën vehicles. SSAL and Peugeot is the third global vehicle manufacturer in Ghana to start the assembly of vehicles in Ghana in March 2022. Earlier this year, SSAL partnered up with Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles of India to bring to Ghana very competitive and high-quality light and medium-duty trucks and buses.

Distribution of leading IVECO Trucks from Italy has been secured to begin operations later this year.

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