NALO Solutions organise personal branding and photoshoot session for Women in Business


Ghana’s top provider of Bulk SMS services, NALO Solutions Limited, has organised a workshop on personal branding and photography sessions for Women in Business in collaboration with WeMomprenuers, a women advocacy organisation.

The workshop, which was facilitated by Petra Aba Asamoah, a Marketing Executive and Author, forms part of NALO Solutions’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, which aims to empower female-led businesses across the nation.

The two-in-one programme taught participants the value of personal branding as small and medium enterprise (SME) business owners, and it also provided them with the opportunity to have professional photographic shot of themselves and their products.

Petra Aba Asamoah, who took the women leaders through a presentation on personal branding, noted that a brand forges an important connection with customers and that is the only way to distinguish one’s business and explain why what one has to offer makes one a better option.

“Whether an individual is intentional about it or not, everyone is brand. A brand is a collection of perceptions and, therefore, they – as CEOs – must be intentional about presenting itself positively to their target audience. When a CEO has a strong personal brand, their brand equity can impact positively on their business. A brand is a differentiator,” she said.

She urged the participants to build a strong brand image based on how they want to be viewed. “The starting point of building a successful personal brand is thinking about legacy. Aside from the aesthetics, therefore, I encourage you all to be women who have the substance to match the perception you present,” she added.

Chief Executive Officer for NALO Solutions, Francis Benjamin Ocran stated that the workshop’s goal is to assist female-led businesses in managing their career trajectories. He also noted that businesses need a strong personal brand identity to stand out and have a significant impact on an organisation’s success.

“Our objective is to help support female-led businesses to project themselves as leaders in their various industries. There is no denying the importance of personal branding in today’s world. Whether you are a small business owner or a corporate executive, crafting a strong personal brand can make all the difference in terms of success,” he said.

He emphasised that creating a strong personal brand can help people find chances that would future-proof their careers and increase their visibility and credibility.

“I believe personal branding plays a key role in today’s world. It can propel you and connect you to people who can help you grow and expand your business. Your personal brand, as an individual, increases your market value and has a direct impact on the way people see your business. Everybody wants to be associated with greatness. It is imperative that we make a conscious effort to always portray our best selves. Most importantly, we need to ensure what people see is what they get. Our attitudes and character must match the kind of brand we portray to the world,” he said.

The workshop was interactive as it made room for participants to share their experiences and actively participate in its question-and-answer session relating to how to build their personal brands, and its impact on the success of their businesses.

NALO Solutions Limited

NALO Solutions Limited is the leading provider of Bulk SMS, USSD Short, Long Codes, and Bulk Email service in Accra, Ghana. NALO has been assisting businesses in becoming high performers in their operations over the past 10 years. NALO has created a solid niche of clients and partners in the financial, insurance, telecommunications, religious, media, and communication industries over the years; and through technology, has improved the client experience of these businesses. NALO’s product line falls under four main categories namely; Software Development, Content Services, Voice & Bulk SMS, and Payment Systems.

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