Public security agencies and private security companies must collaborate to fight crime – CEO of Edern Security

Emmanuel Quartey, CEO of Edern Security Services Limited

The Managing Director of Edern Security Services Limited, Mr. Emmanuel Quartey, has indicated that a strong collaboration between public security agencies and private security companies is needed to help fight crime in Ghana and Africa.

He said that although there is inadequate information about the infrastructural base of private security companies in Ghana, the human capital base and security networks of private security companies for gathering actionable intelligence is nevertheless vast. This advantage, he said, must be harnessed by state security agencies to help in the fight against crime.

“A close collaboration between private and public security agencies would lead to a mutually beneficial information sharing arrangements, with each party tapping into each other’s superior competencies for a better security architecture. Private security companies provide security to an overwhelming majority of the country’s infrastructure, with a large number of purposefully positioned security guards,” he said.

He was speaking at a breakfast meeting with senior staff of the company from across the country to create awareness on the negative impacts of terrorism, and the role of private security in curbing the imminent danger.

He stated that: “Over the years, private security has been designed to augment the activities of state security. Private security is the provision of security by a person other than a public servant to protect a person or property. The remit and focus of private security is detection and prevention of harm, misappropriation or unauthorised access/use of a property”.

According to Mr. Quartey, law enforcement agencies can gather information about incidents through reporting by private security staff; gain additional ‘work-force’ (force multiplier) by relying on private security; prepare private security companies to assist in emergencies and coordinate efforts to safeguard the nation’s critical infrastructure. Private security companies, on the other hand, can also gain information from law enforcement regarding threats and crime trends – and coordinate plans for evacuation and transportation during emergencies.

Edern Security Services Limited (ESSEL) is a registered company licenced to provide private security services in Ghana by the Ministry of Interior. Edern Security has branches in all 16 regions across the country, with professionally trained security guards providing services to institutions operating in different sectors of the economy.

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