Third Fintech and Innovations Course ends in Accra


Ghana’s fintech space can accelerate its rate of Fintech innovations if there is deeper collaboration between educational institutions, research entities and businesses. This assertion came to light during a two-day hybrid Fintech and Innovations course organised by Knowledge Innovations, Ghana Fintech and Payments Association in partnership with the Global Centre for Fintech Innovations, provider of course certification.

The course topics included financial technologies and digital transformation, Fintech key trends and applications, technologies and innovations driving Fintech; FinTech Legal and regulatory framework; fintech and Innovation; The Ghanaian Perspective, understanding cyber security risks in fintech; Emerging technologies driving Fintech and Innovation Strategy; Developing Your Fintech strategy. The participants were taken through practical steps on how to apply key lessons learned in their day-to-day work activities.

The course was facilitated by leading experts in Ghana’s Fintech space, including Eric Nsarkoh, Head of Engineering at Stanbic Bank; King Carl Tornam Duho of Dataking Research Lab; Martin Kwame Awagah, the President of Ghana Fintech and Payments Association; Lawyer Richard Nunekpeku of Sustineri Attorneys; Dr. Kwami Ahiabenu of Knowledge Innovations; Prince Adu of Innovare; and Henry Cobblah of iSolveAfrica and Skillmine Africa.

21 participants took part in the training, drawn from both private and public sectors organisations such as SIC Life Insurance, Mikgold & Associates Ltd., B Systems, Penplusbytes, Hexagram, Prudential Bank, escripts-solutions and Mastercard Foundation.

Commenting on the workshop, a participant, Mr. R. Clifton said: “Topics like blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and Cybersecurity sounded like rocket science and appeared so distant to me until a unique opportunity to attend the Financial Technology (FinTech) and Innovations training course by Knowledge Innovations. Excellent course delivery and breakdown of financial technology and its enormous potential was absolutely remarkable. I feel like an expert already!”

The next fintech and innovation course is scheduled to take place March 21-23, 2023.

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