7th ‘Gusto Italiano’ treats Ghanaians to a night of Italian cuisine and fine wine


The Italian Embassy in Ghana, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has held the seventh edition of its annual Italian culinary and wine exposition dubbed “Gusto Italiano” in Accra.

This year’s event on the theme “Conviviality, sustainability and innovation: the ingredients of Italian cuisine to keep us healthy and protect the planet”  assembled the diplomatic corps, government officials and the business community—comprised largely of promoters of Italian brands in Ghana, to have a taste of fine Italian culinary and wines.

Italian Ambassador to Ghana, Daniela d’Orlandi, indicated in her welcoming remarks that the event sought to get the local community accustomed to Italian food and wines with the broader goal of driving investments.

She said the occasion would also create the right environment for mutually beneficial partnerships for businesses in Ghana and Italy.

“The Embassy, working together with the Italian Trade Agency, wants to create more opportunities for business, both Ghanaian and Italian companies, with special focus on the agribusiness and food value chains,” she said.

According to the ambassador trade between the two countries amounted to some €500m last year despite the pandemic and hoped that the figures could be improved upon with some activities of the embassy aimed at building the right linkages especially in the vegetables and fruits sectors.

Deputy Trade and Industry Minister, Hebert Krapah, in his interaction with the media, applauded the Italian ambassador and ITA for what he described as a soft approach to courting investments and increasing business opportunities in the country.

“Such an approach is phenomenal because it brings together a wide group people across various sectors that are around food, wines and cuisine but other key sectors of the economy,” he said.

He added: “We see most businesses networking with fellow businessmen and government officials and it could be a viable mean of deepening the government and private sector dialogue to help activate business growth.”

Mr. Krapah further emphasized the increasing need to pay attention to soft techniques that help to drive trade build businesses, and deepen the capacity of local industry.

“Tourism and trade are bedfellows and we have to pay attention to how we can link the two together; I like this style and I think we have to encourage it,” the minister noted.

Italian Trade Commissioner, Alessandro Gerbino, thanked the sponsors of the event and local franchisees of Italian brands in Ghana for sustaining business relations between Ghana and Italy.

He said: “We are excited about the opportunity to showcase to our guests one of the things we cherish very much as Italians; this is also an opportunity to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.”

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