Curb inflation by consuming made in Ghana products – Royal Vina CEO

Miss. Davina Sheilla Mensah, CEO of Royal Vina Ghana Rice & More

To curb the rising costs of goods and services in the country, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Vina Ghana Rice & More, Miss. Davina Sheilla Mensah, has called on Ghanaians to consume products that are made in Ghana ahead of Christmas.

Her submission came on the back of high inflation and the continuous rise in prices of products in the country due to the depreciation of the cedi against the dollar, which has become a great worry to majority of Ghanaians.

Speaking to Pulse Ghana, Miss. Mensah said one major remedy to control the high inflation rate is to consume products that are produced in the country.

According to her, government should introduce policies that will prevent the charging of prices of products and other services in foreign currencies to help make the cedi stable.

“The rate at which prices of commodities are increasing day in and out is extreme, and is really affecting businesses. I urge everyone to try consuming products made here in the country to avoid imports, and rather export more of the Ghanaian products to foreign countries to help balance our trade, resulting in a strong economy,” she said.

Miss. Mensah added that the time has come for Ghanaians to resort to the use of coconut oil and other locally produced oil for cooking to also help control prices of imported goods.

She further indicated that traders should also consider the citizens and the country at large and not take advantage of the situation to double or triple prices which could cause continuous chaos and hunger for the average Ghanaian.

For her, this canker can only be solved by avoiding the high dependency on imports.

Miss. Mensah, earlier this year, won the Entrepreneur of the Year at the fourth edition of the Youth Excellence Awards (YEA), and the Most Promising CEO of the Year at the Global Business and Entrepreneurship Summit and Awards.

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