Rotarians determined to end Polio by 2026


Shasha Marley signed as Polio Ambassador

Rotarians across the country are determined to support the health sector, to eradicate Poliomyelitis (Polio) by 2026.

“We do not want our children to suffer any paralysis. And we are determined to ensure that infants across the length and breadth of the country are immunized like how Rotarians supported the health Service in September and October this year to ensure all children are immunized” Nana Yaa Siriboe, Past Assistant Governor of Rotary Club and Chair, Ghana National Polio Plus Committee has said.

“And to warrant the effectiveness of our campaign towards the eradication, we have Julius Amoah Sekyi known in the Music Industry as Shasha Marley to be the Ambassador of Polio” she added.

Nana Yaa Siroboe was speaking at the 2022 Polio Day Celebration which was attended by members of Rotary  Club across the country in Takoradi.

She pointed out that Ghana was declared free of the World Polio Virus case in 2015 and 2019. Currently the involvement of stakeholders in the eradication of Polio, is encouraging.

She said this year, everywhere in the world, infants are being immunized and encouraged mothers to send their children for the oral polio vaccines until age five at the health centers and during the national immunization exercise.

“Your child can receive oral polio vaccines several times and nothing would happen; it rather secures him or her, do not listen to conspiracy theories” she advised

Madam Siriboe urged Rotarian to continue to contribute to the Polio Plus Fund and the Polio Plus Fund under the annual funds programme of the Rotary Foundation.

“Let us donate for a worthy cause and for us to achieve our goals. So, we are looking at 2026 where we can finally say ‘no world polio virus, no circulating vaccine derived polio virus”, she added.

Dave Amankwah, District Governor Nominee (District 9102) of Rotary International explained that Rotary is about leadership and the ability to serve humanity.

“I am so proud that Rotary is associated with Polio; Without constant polio immunization, we would have had so many children with paralysis. Let us continue to push the agenda to end Polio by the year 2026” he added.

At the unveiling of the bill board to end polio as a means of communicating to the public, Shasha Marley encouraged mothers to send their infants to be immunize at the weighing centers across the health facilities.

He advised mothers to erase misconception created in certain circles that polio affects some kind of children because of family traits.

“Children with paralysis should not be discriminated, embrace them to give off their best as humans; count on me, I will be everywhere with you Rotarians and support the eradication of Polio by 2026”, he concluded.

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