Keep good credit reports to avoid ruining future loan applications


Home Loans Client Service Team Manager at First National Bank, Mawuena Fesu, has cautioned loan clients of the various banks to ensure good credit report as it could determine their ability to access future home loan.

According to her, all the banks are linked to a bureau that holds information about clients on loan repayment. This, therefore, allows banks to pull out credit reports from this agency to know whether clients applying for loans have good credit records.

“Credit history has to do with whether you have ever taken a loan from another bank. Whether it was a personal loan or a car loan. Did you make payment very well or there was a month you felt you should break? But what happens is the banks are reporting your credit behaviour to a credit bureau, and every bank has access to that.

Before you would be given any facility in any bank, they would pull their credit reports on you from the credit agency and that will tell us if you have any existing loans. You may be earning good income that should guarantee a loan opportunity. But poor credit report tarnishes your ability to take another loan facility,” she said this on the Home Owners show on Metro TV.

Speaking on the topic ‘Common Mistakes that Impacts the Quality of Home Loan Application’, she stated that there are some errors that individuals might not really be aware of which can hinder their ability to speed up the loan application process or even their ability to take a loan completely.

Some of such errors, she mentioned, are clients applying for a home loan facility that is not within their means, not completing loan applications forms fully, among others.

Miss Fesu indicated that it is necessary for loan applicants to first involve the bank in the process of selecting a property in order to receive advice. She said although the opportunities for home loan applications are available, individuals must ensure the right steps are taken.

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