How WorldRemit’s Teacher Appreciation Month impacted teachers and learners


Teachers sit at the heart of the global education system as they bring the knowledge in textbooks to life through their lessons. The lessons they provide contribute immensely to the general improvement of everybody’s life.

However, the efforts of many teachers go unappreciated across the world despite the fact that education is a core area in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Do you remember the name of the teacher who influenced the trajectory of your career? The one who changed the way you see the world? The one who helped you become a better human-being? The one who challenged you to move out of your comfort zone?

In the spirit of acknowledging the work that teachers put into shaping future economies, WorldRemit last year began a programme in Ghana aimed at putting a smile on teachers’ faces by paying tribute to them. Students shared stories about how their teachers prepared them to conquer the world in different sectors.

Dubbed the ‘Teacher Appreciation Month initiative’, the programme provides an opportunity for current and former students in Ghana and abroad to pay homage to the teacher who made the greatest impact in their lives.

And because education’s main impact is often seen through the lens of improvement to societies, participants were asked to submit their videos through social media under the hashtag #TeacherAppreciationMonth.

Each participant of the campaign had the opportunity to win up to GH¢10,000 (US$1,200) for their favourite teacher, courtesy of WorldRemit. Hundreds of Ghanaians flocked on Twitter to post videos describing how their teachers helped them live their dreams.

The first 80 participants with the most interesting and engaging videos won GH¢500 for their favourite educator throughout October 2021.

Mr. Isaac Boateng was winner of the GH¢10,000 grand prize, which WorldRemit awarded to him on November 3, 2021. Congratulatory messages poured in on Twitter.

Since Ghana started celebrating its teachers in 2018, there has been improved performance in exams as teachers put their best efforts into ensuring all students understood all classwork.

An educated society makes a progressive society, and by rewarding teachers WorldRemit has motivated them to do even better in imparting knowledge and spearheading change through better education in Ghana.

The World Teachers Day is held every year on October 5, and was set aside globally to commemorate the adoption of a joint United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation and the International Labour Organisation recommendation on the status of the teacher.

The recommendation, which was adopted in 1966, serves as an instrument that defines teachers’ professional responsibilities and rights to practice globally.

The writer is Country Manager, Nigeria and Ghana, WorldRemit

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