KISMA Grooming and Spa opens new location at New Achimota


Mother of three boys, Mrs. Mercy Kone, stepping into the role of her children’s barber, transitioned her skill of haircutting to setting up KISMA Grooming and Spa, a one-stop beauty home to serve the needs of clients by providing them with the best of services.

In the vicinity of Osu and now, New Achimota, KISMA Grooming and Spa is developed to provide clients with services including hair cutting, shaving, massage, waxing, manicure, pedicure, among others.

Speaking at the New Achimota branch opening, KISMA CEO – Mrs. Kone, said her entry into the fashion/beauty sector was inspired not only by her passion to make grooming an essential part of a person’s daily routine, but also to address a customer service challenge that she observed on numerous occasions.

To her, customer service is integral and essential to the long-term viability of every business, and must be valued.

“My family is very passionate about grooming. My husband and I love to patronise grooming services almost every weekend; but sometimes, the quality of the service could be better. This is what has led me to setting up ‘KISMA Grooming and Spa’ so that I can give customers the best services just the way I would want to be treated,” she explained.

Mrs. Kone stated that the goal of KISMA is to become a household name – one that is recognised both locally and internationally – after establishing herself in two different locations in the span of one month.

Customer service training

Mrs. Kone stated that as part of KISMA’s goals to meet clients’ needs while providing the best customer service, all employees go through a two-week intensive training to educate them on basic customer service skills that they can demonstrate appropriately when dealing with internal and external clients.

“I make certain that all of my employees have received training before they officially begin work because I do not want a situation where a customer arrives for a service and there is no proper communication with the customer.

“I walked into a store and was almost invisible to the empoyees until I out to them. The team at KISMA have been trained and are regularly trained to effectively communicate with customers and request their needs in order to meet them,” she said.


Managing Director Gideon Frimpong added that KISMA Grooming and Spa is a unisex service provider, and thus, has services that are specifically dedicated to giving men the treatment they require.

“We are all about grooming; gone are the days when we didn’t care about grooming; grooming is now a part of our daily lives. It has become necessary to consider these factors, and at KISMA, we have services for men and women. Grooming is not only for women, but also for men. What distinguishes us from other spas is that we have well-trained therapists in charge of the massage sessions,” he added.

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