ICU leadership lauds first year in office

Industrial and Commercial Workers Union

The Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU-Ghana) has unveilled the first-year achievements of Mr. Morgan Ayawine as General-Secretary.

Mr. Ayawine was elected at the 11th Quadrennial Delegates Conference held in Accra on 27thAugust 2021 to steer the union’s affairs for the next four years.

It is the 9th successive leadership since inception of the union in 1960.

A statement released by the union in Accra to herald the occasion said by using the solid foundation inherited by the current leadership, the union has been successfully making a great impact on the labour scene and sustaining its relevance both locally and globally.

This, the release said, has been attributed to cordial and effective interaction with its members and the social as well as international partners – i.e. Global Union Federation (GUF). The statement said on the local front, the union’s current leadership has strengthened the already-existing rapport between it and its partners.

Members, the release explained, are becoming very keen to have peaceful resolutions of industrial disputes and grievances between themselves and their employers, thus creating a congenial industrial atmosphere – which is a cardinal prerequisite for enhanced productivity at workplaces and the country’s socio-economic advancement.

The statement further said, on the international front, there has been an exponential leap in the union’s collaboration with other unions as it continues to receive more sponsored participations in projects, conferences, workshops and seminars for its growth and development.

There is also increased staff satisfaction, as the current leadership’s open-door policy enables every staff of the union to freely approach leadership at any time on all issues that may inhibit their welfare at work. The leadership is however poised to further enhance the union’s fortunes before their tenure of office ends; therefore making trade union organisation in the country such that every worker wishes to join, and every employer will like to associate with it.

The statement concluded that the year has not been rosy but challenging, which indeed has made the leadership, staff and members more resolved to forge ahead in serving the interests of its huge membership with effective, progressive collaboration, including foreign partners. It urged all members of this great union to as a matter of urgency uphold its virtues in years ahead for the prosperity of all.


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