Dizengoff launches two new products for farmers


In line with its commitment to bring high-quality modern agriculture technology, Dizengoff Ghana launches two new and highly innovative products.

These products are uniquely designed to increase and maximise the yield of all types of farmers in Ghana.

The Muscle Up-Fizz is an easy-to-use effervescent tablet aimed at eradicating weeds. The tablet is fully formulated, and when added to water gives the farmer the exact quantities needed to remove weeds from their land.

Muscle Up-Fizz when used in combination with the second Dizengoff Ghana innovation – the Guarany Knapsack – makes it much easier for farmers to mix and use it instantly.

This is the ‘brainchild’ of Mr. Waldo Boshoff – a Dizengoff Ghana Executive and highly respected and knowledgeable expert within the agricultural field in Africa. Mr. Boshoff went on to say: “This is just one of the ways Dizengoff Ghana continues to contribute to the agricultural sector in Ghana; and as the agricultural sector expands, Dizengoff Ghana will continue to innovate and launch cost-effective solutions for the agricultural sector in Ghana”.

Dizengoff Ghana, a proud supporter of women farmers around Africa, believes that a combination of the Guarany Knapsack and Muscle Up-Fizz is ideally suited for today’s woman farmer; be it the micro or commercial farmer.

The Guarany Sprayers are symmetrically built with an adjustable nozzle and piston-pump that provides maximum pressure. They come in ergonomic shapes that fit snugly on all operators’ back for maximum comfort.

Furthermore, Mr. Boshoff said that Dizengoff Ghana prioritises sustainable solutions and “these products fall in line with our ambitions to meet the need of all farmers, government regulations with minimal impact to the environment. The Muscle-Up Fizz and the Knapsacks, both with their multi-purpose functions and manufactured with quality materials, are guaranteed to support farmers and increase their efficiency and productivity,” he stated.

The official launch of these two products will take place on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

The launch will also be used to re-introduce two of Dizengoff Ghana’s leading brands already in use on the Ghanaian market — Akate Aduro and Tecamin Flower.

“The re-introduction is aimed at highlighting the positive impact these two products have had on the Ghanian market over the years; more specifically to growth of the cocoa, pineapple, vegetable and grain sectors in the country,” he said.

Over the years, Dizengoff Ghana has been providing integrated solutions in Ghana; not only in Agriculture, but also in the fields of Technology, Communications, Infrastructure, Energy and Public Health.

Dizengoff Ghana continues to support the Ghanian economy’s backbone – i.e. agriculture – by not only investing in new solutions for farmers but also empowering women in agriculture and all sectors of the economy.

The company supplies and maintains Greenhouses, Irrigation Systems and an abundance of leading products and solutions in specific markets. They remain the leader in provision of expert agronomy services, constantly working with the right stakeholders to assess grower requirements for seeds, fertiliser and agrochemicals, providing fast and cost-effective solutions for clients.

Dizengoff Ghana Limited has pioneered innovative approaches toward Ghana’s small, medium and large-scale farming with its introduction of the Amiran Farmers Kit (AFK) – a holistic agribusiness unit that couples modern technology with training and agro-support, which has improved the lives of millions.

This initiative has been adopted in over 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and has been a catalyst for new and emerging partnerships between Dizengoff Ghana and governments, donors, NGOs, Foundations, Finance and Micro-finance Institutions, Tertiary Institutions and research bodies, creating a new and more harmonised private-sector driven approach to one of Ghana’s agric-related challenges.

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