Hooliganism and Ghana Football in Ghana


Hooliganism is one of the biggest challenges affecting domestic football in Ghana. Since 2019/2020 Ghana domestic football has recorded more than five violent cases in both the women’s league, premier league, division one and division two leagues.

Hooliganism is the term used to describe violent behaviors by spectators at sporting events. In Ghana, hooliganism is exclusively confined to football.

Ghana football over the years have been tarnished with violence across match centers making it unattractive to people who want to support, sponsor or show interest for the first time. The question is that, has the Ghana Football Association who are tasked to organize the premier league made sure there is sanity and proper structures put in place to minimize hooliganism across match centers? We can all agree that hooliganism cannot be eradicated from football because since 1898 it has been a major football problem, yet there is a way to minimize it in Ghana.

Since 2020/21 football season there have been various degree of violence in the division one league, women’s league, Premier League and even some division two games. Venues like Sunyani Coronation park, Wamnafo Town Park, Aliu Mahama stadium and Nduom sports stadium have all been banned due to violence. Hence the Ghana football Association can only close down a venue as punishment for violence without any individuals arrest to minimize the rate of hooliganism.

The Ghana Football Association, aside arresting people to serve as an example must task the clubs to orient their fans about football. The fans must accept the fact that football results cannot be overturned through violence.

Finally, the GFA must improve on security at match venues to ensure the safety of the clubs, fans and every stakeholder of the game to minimize violence across our game centers.


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