New Yamaha AG125… friendly, compact body and economical


Japan Motors Trading Company Ltd. (JMTC), the official distributor of Yamaha motorbikes, last week donated some of the new Yamaha AG125 motorcycles to the Greater Accra (G/A) Regional Coordinating Council in support of the ‘Let’s Make Accra Work’ campaign.

The new AG125 motorcycle is a compact-body machine, but it facilitates every movement and delivers from one destination to another.

The new 4-stroke 125cc AG125 motorcycle is the latest addition to the AG family, and boasts excellent ride quality, durability, load-carrying capacity and economy for handling unpaved roads and tackling adverse conditions.

Not only is it easy to fire-up the engine, its user-friendly controls and compact body size were designed with a variety of users in mind; from motorcycle beginners to professionals in the field. The AG125 has many features inherited from the AG100 before it. It fits well into a wide range of roles from fieldwork in rural areas with private and public institutions and general business use, to delivering medical supplies and everyday work on dairy farms.

One of the most notable new features is the addition of an electric starter-button. A running push-button electric start makes getting up and going a breeze; and in the unlikely event of battery issues, there’s a kick-start as a backup. Some controls are familiar, but others include a new dash with odometer and trip meter, as well as lights to indicate neutral, high beam and indicators.

Mr. Nouhad Kalmoni (2nd left) joined by Ms. Harriet Esi Mensah (left) to hand over the Motorbikes to Mr. Quartey

A fully enclosed chain is protected from mud and dust, ensuring extended life of both chain and sprockets and keeping costs down at service time. Chain adjustment has been made easier with the use of the snail-type cam, making this job fast and easy even for the not mechanically inclined.

Braking is delivered by low maintenance sealed drum brakes front and rear. Drum brakes are ideal for farm use, because while disc brakes can provide better stopping power in great conditions, farmers often encounter mud and dust which can drastically reduce the reliability of a disc setup.

The front and rear racks are useful for carrying wet weather gear and a few fencing tools as required. And a side-stand on both sides of the bike – with a wide footprint – means that you can park the AG125 just about anywhere.

Speaking in an interview with the media, Marketing Manager of JMTC Ms. Harriet Esi Mensah urged the transport industry to rely on Yamaha motorbikes as an option to achieve work efficiency during these days of huge traffic in Accra. JMTC, she informed, has invested in quality after-sales service by ensuring quality parts are available for all its products to guarantee positive return on investment.

Mr. Nouhad Kalmoni (2nd left) joined by Ms. Harriet Esi Mensah (left) to hand over the Motorbikes to Mr. Quartey

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