Ghana Link sets record straight over accusations by importers and exporters association

Director of Operations at Ghana Link, Raymond Azaglo

Ghana Link Network Services has publicly disagreed with accusations by the Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana that its customer service is poor.

Indeed, the IT solutions company, providing an end-to-end customs management tool at the various ports and frontiers across Ghana, said customer service is one component of the activities Ghana Link excels in.

Speaking on Eye on Port in the aftermath of a press conference by the Importers and Exporters Association, the Director of Operations at Ghana Link, Raymond Azaglo, said the accusation about poor customer service and irresponsiveness comes as a surprise to the company.

This is because “Ghana Link personnel always go the extra mile to assist any client who calls at us for assistance”.

According to him, the company has committed resources to ensure that customers and users of its systems are serviced regularly, conveniently and in a timely fashion.

“The company has a well-established state-of-the-art call service centre located at our head office in Accra. It is manned by qualified and well-trained staff who handle all challenges in relation to the use of the Integrated Customs Management System. They can be reached on 0302750140,” Mr. Azaglo said.

He said in addition to that, Ghana Link has provided a direct client support services through various help desks at all major customs offices across the country where they offer both walk-in and call-in services.

In Tema, where most of the country’s imports are channelled, the company has set up within the Adnan Heights, opposite the transit yard in the port enclave.

“It is manned by well-trained operations and technical staff. They receive clients on a daily basis and provide assistance to them. We go beyond that to provide help desks at very key operational sites including Golden Jubilee Terminal and MPS -where we provide 24/7 services. They provide technical assistance to stakeholders including customs officers.

“Where the nature of the issue is a purely customs-related, our clients are directed to the appropriate customs office for addressing,” he added.

The Director of Operations at the Ghana Link Network Services said these offices are monitored for quality assurance purposes, and continuous training programmes are offered to these officers there.

The Ghana Link executive also debunked accusations that the company does not consult stakeholders before the introduction of new modules on the Integrated Customs Management System, stating that the contrary is done.

Mr. Azaglo said: “We engage in extensive consultations with all key stakeholders when making changes or updates on ICUMS.”


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