FanMilk rewards 86 trade partners in ‘Akyede Kese Promo’ 3rd edition

Akyede Kese Promo

FanMilk PLC has rewarded 86 trade partners for their loyalty and contribution to the business growth in the third edition of the ‘Akyede Kese Promo’.

The promo was launched last year to motivate trade partners to sell more while investing in their business.

Two rounds of the promo were executed last year, rewarding a total of 486 trade partners. This round of promo, which is the third in the series and ran from January to March 2022, also recognised 86 partners, bringing a total to 572.

In this edition, six Key Distributors and 80 Agents won exciting prizes ranging from distribution trucks, tricycles, and chest freezers.

Speaking at the grand reward event which took place at the FanMilk Distribution Centre, Kaase, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, FanMilk Managing Director, Yeo Ziobeieton, said: “FanMilk PLC has a dual mission – economic progress on the one hand, and social progress on the other hand. And we bring this dual mission to life through a range of programmes including trade support initiatives. One such initiative is our flagship ‘Aky3de3 K3se Promo’ which we launched last year and continuing into this year”.

In addition, he emphasised the key role of these partners in the sustainability of the company, and mentioned that the efforts of all trade partners, both winners and non-winners, are highly appreciated.

“I would like to take this opportunity to recognise the efforts of all our trade partners – both winners and non-winners. We appreciate your efforts and resilience in these challenging times. In tough times like this, a business mindset and a strong entrepreneurial spirit are the ingredients that are critical to business survival and success. I am delighted to see our trade partners show these qualities, and I encourage them to show more of it going forward,” he said.

A Key Distributor in the Mid-Savannah Cluster, Anointed Steve, was adjudged the overall winner and was awarded a two-tonne distribution van. Besides the grand reward event, other winners were rewarded through tactical events in other FanMilk Clusters.

FanMilk is a food production company dedicated to the production and distribution of healthy food to as many people as possible across the West Africa region.

In line with Danone’s ‘One Planet, One Health’ vision which reflects a strong belief that the health of people and the health of the planet are interconnected, the brand has inspired healthy and more sustainable eating and drinking practices in the West Africa sub-region.

It is currently operating in five different West African countries; namely Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, and Benin.

FanMilk PLC has existed in Ghana for over 60 years, and remains committed to the socio-economic development of its partners while delivering nutrition to consumers.


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