Before you stand down: The ultimate way to properly move on to another institution in your career journey

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Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh

Any job is better than no job! Your salary may not be as compensatory as you deem fit, but please don’t resign to be at home for that reason. If you are job-hunting, perhaps this is more instructive for you; hiring managers find you more attractive when you have a job rather than no job.

An idle person may be misconstrued as unproductive – or worse, lazy. So, accept that offer with a low salary, no benefits and even no allowances, and jump on that to enchant your next prospective employer. No one will come for a mystery shopping in your house; recruiters mostly poach people from companies and not from homes.

Do not quit your current job in haste to acquire a new one without any assurances or high probabilities. No matter your current situation, avoid such impromptu decisions. Ensure you complete that contract or work for a reasonable period of time before you hand over your resignation.

Ultimately, why you leave your job is as important as how you leave. Weigh your options considerably and very thoroughly think through your decision. Avoid quitting based on certain baseless challenges; such as your inability to work with your hard boss, being overwhelmed with duties, your inability to fit in the work environment, or you being disliked by colleagues.

These reasons are too super-trivial to pay attention to. Though they are much-expected, you however have to intentionally make the effort to endure and overlook for your own productivity and career progression. Resolve the resolvable and persevere through the seemingly hard and difficult. Whatever discomfort you may currently be in is a training in disguise; embrace it and thank me later!

More so, share your qualms with people you trust. Let loved ones in on such major decisions. Seeking counsel from well-experienced professionals or career coaches is an added plus to making a perfect decision. Allow any final decision be led by a series of thoughts and not your drowning emotions. Regardless, confirm these on your checklist before you stand down:

  1.  Be thoroughly schooled by experience

While in search for another job, do well by allowing yourself to be trained to the maximum capacity. Be open to learning in various forms, and ensure you have imbibed the practicalities and ‘nitty-gritties’ in your field and the corporate world as a whole. Be of your best character during this time; impressions eventually become a tag that attracts opportunities and people to you.

Hence, do not use this as an opportunity to shirk your responsibilities or act badly to your colleagues or superiors. Rather, be on your best conduct. Make sure you remain humble and discharge all your responsibilities effectively. If you would like to work in a different department at another company, use this period to adequately explore that particular department.

Ask questions, offer to assist them by your free will, and avail yourself to learn and be trained by people in that department. This will be an added plus, as you may not only qualify to work in that particular company but may be given a supervisory or managerial position. Experience is indeed the best teacher; learn as much from it as possible.

  1. Get connected

There are different types of people you will meet in a company, and among them are the ‘big men’ who make major decisions for the company. If your role involves meeting business clients, you are definitely likely to meet some business moguls in your town, city or country. Use this opportunity to establish contacts for future ambitions. Grab as many contacts as you can and build up those professional relationships to your advantage.

  1. Master ‘baby steps’ for giant results

The least effort counts in your work, therefore do not be afraid to take baby steps in regard to what may be considered difficult or extreme by others. Set personal goals and targets in your current job, those that will challenge and push you to become more industrious and useful in any company.

If you need to take up challenging courses, enrol for that Master’s programme or complete that cumbersome project: but please do so before you think of quitting. This is because these are like catalysts that build you up in capacity and qualification, making it relatively easier to progress and be more productive in any company. You may end up becoming an asset to your company as a result. Do not rush, take your time as you slowly step into greatness.

If these together with a prospective job are properly checked, then all preparations can be made to bid your organisation a proper farewell. Leave on a peaceful and professional note. Return all company valuables in good shape with their respective documents. Pre-inform your institution in the official way expected as you put things in order for your next level.

>>>The writer is a corporate trainer and professional ghost-writer assisting busy executives to write and publish their books, articles and speeches. He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness and as Events and Media Correspondent for a digital ad agency. You can contact the author via: [email protected] or [email protected]                                                    

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