Tourism, hospitality sectors get one-stop app to harmoniSe operations

The Daillos mobile app developed by Pidasmo Technology Group Limited has been designed with two interactive interfaces -

The tourism and hospitality industry, which has witnessed a surge in digital platforms induced by COVID-19 that pushed businesses to go digital, has welcomed an all-in-one mobile application to harmonise services.

The Daillos mobile app developed by Pidasmo Technology Group Limited has been designed with two interactive interfaces – one for business owners in the industry and the second for tourist and general consumers – to be a one-stop shop and serve as a platform for all businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry to converge.

The Daillos app, which is currently available on Google Play store for download, in the business owner section has slots for hotels and guesthouse owners, restaurants, nightclubs and drinking spots, all types of food joints/vendor businesses, event grounds and organisers, tourist sites and tour guides, car rentals and chauffeur services among all other hospitality services.

These in turn provide clients an opportunity to place their hotel bookings and reservations, event ground bookings, place orders for food and all edibles, tick bookings for travel and tourist-site reservations among others.

According to the developer, with the influx of digitalisation and online marketing accelerated by COVID-19, the tourism and hospitality industry has been one of the main sectors flooded with several online or digital platforms; but, unfortunately, these applications and platforms are owned mostly by individual business owners in the sector and exist to address mostly one or two issues, but this app is a comprehensive one to provide all services to both locals and those abroad.

Chief Executive Officer-Pidasmo Technology, Isaac Paul Allotey, in his address at the mobile app launch explained that Daillos stands for ‘Daily Hospitality Services’ – and the concept is to provide exactly that in a comprehensive manner, so anything hospitality which anyone from any part of the world wants to know about Ghana can be accessed.

Touching on the uniqueness of this mobile platform compared to the several others on the market, he said: “Daillos is a one-stop-shop hospitality and tourism industry app platform designed for the local and continental ecosystem, targetting businesses, workers in the sector and consumers. We looking forward to solving most of the industry’s problems, if not all, because we want consumers to have access to everything they need in relation to the hospitality industry.

“One unique feature of the Daillos app distinct from all the others on the market is that it gives you the opportunity to make a booking and share the paid-for receipt with a third party to make use of the service.

“The Daillos app also auto-collates data for investment and credit attraction purposes on behalf of businesses. Background checks and facility inspections are carried out to verify the location and standards of the hospitality facilities before signing on,” he said.

He added that reviews are accepted on the app to rate the standard of service and promote competition, and ensure service providers improve on service delivery.

Chief Executive Officer-IT Consortium, Romeo Bugyei, commended the developers for such an all-inclusive digital solution to a very critical industry like tourism – adding that it will go a long way in putting together all the various sub-sectors to better present Ghana as a preferred destination for tourists.

He further urged the sector players to download, sign up and support the platform to grow and reach the international standard that they all want their businesses to be at.

“Let’s support our own industry players to grow. We should be patient with humble beginnings and offer support to help local startups and businesses provide world-class services.

“The big international platforms and organisations we admire so much started small and made a lot of mistakes –- more than some of our own do – but they were given the opportunity to correct their wrongs and improve.  We must give feedback and share experiences to grow this project, and not chastise them,” he said.

The launch event was graced by several key sector stakeholders including representatives from the Hoteliers Association, Ghana Music Association (Musiga), food vendors and the Ghana Tourism Authority among others.

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