GH Snowcone Shark reshapes entrepreneurship story


A year ago, social media was set ablaze by the #fixthecountry campaign with many protesting about the lack of employment for graduates and the youth. While those sentiments strongly linger into this year, among many other, there have been some strides made regarding entrepreneurship. One is a collaboration between the Mexican Embassy and Aishah Animashaun, serving up snow cones through, GH Snowcone Shark.

Created from shaved ice, GH Snowcone Shark is a healthier way to enjoy a sweet treat. The snow cone is a product that infuses extracts of natural fruity flavours such as mango, pineapple, and sobolo to create a rich and refreshing treat to cool down body temperatures while adding a zest of flavours to any taste buds.

Snow cones have been a staple in Aishah’s childhood. “I grew up with snow cones in Portland, Oregon. I’m a native of Ghana and I wanted to bring something that everybody could relate to and everybody could enjoy as I did when I was younger. So, I wanted to bring a part of me to Ghana, and part of me is snow cones. I also realised that growing up, there were a lot of people who made a lot of money from snow cones; having that in mind, I wanted to help stimulate the economic landscape of Ghana since the employment here can be a challenge.”

That urgency to help stimulate the Ghanaian economy led Aishah and co-founder Madame Orlandria Hafsah Bonkano, to partner with the Mexican Embassy in Ghana to create the Starvin Marvin initiative, which enables people to be owners of the franchise.

“The vision has not only been about having an extra income for myself, but to help create stable employment for the uninspired and unemployed citizens of Ghana by helping them think outside of the box in terms of making money for themselves to be self-sufficient.

GH Snowcone SharkAs a franchise owner, what we are saying is that we are offering two packages for the shark team member, we will give you a concession stand, we will give you a deep freezer, we will give you a snow cone machine, we will give you about 20-50 flavours, and my team will train you and your staff.

You choose whichever location you want to set up at – whether it’s in Wa, Sunyani, Akyem, or Accra – and we will equip you and your staff. You’re receiving all the tools you need to stand by yourself, and we’re so grateful to partner with the Mexican Embassy for this initiative as snow cones are originally indigenous to Mexico – [known as raspados].”

Snow cones instantly bring forth fun childhood memories for Ambassador Enrique Escroza, as it was a treat he enjoyed every day after school. Now on his first ambassadorial appointment in Ghana, the snow cones have brought significant meaning as it helps strengthen bilateral relations. “I think this is about culture and what this is creating is a bond of culture. I mean in Mexico, shaved ice is very popular, here not so popular but it will become and that’s for sure.

“And that is creating a bond, it is creating a connection – from people-to-people connection, and I think that is the merit of all of this, so certainly this is going to help a lot for building a better relationship, like the one we are trying to construct every day with our Ghanaian friends.”

Moreover, Ambassador Escorza believes GH Snowcone Shark will be a winner for the Ghanaian people as the treat is “a very good combination for this fantastic weather and this beautiful country.” In addition, he believes that the Starvin Marvin initiative is extremely encouraging.

“If people decide to invest in a franchise like this, it’s going to do a lot of good for many people because it’s not a major investment for them, she [Aishah] has a part of the business, we are always supporting, but certainly I think it’s something that people can consider because it creates an additional income for people, it’s a good option, and it’s an easy alternative. It doesn’t require a lot of infrastructure, so I think it’s a very important idea.”

Annabelle McKenzie, the manager of Beyond the Return Secretariat, shares the same sentiment as Ambassador Escorza, noting that the initiative aligns with one of the organisation’s core pillars.

“With Beyond the Return, it is our top priority to encourage the Ghanaian diaspora to come back to Ghana and help build this nation into a wonderful country. Aisha coming here to establish multiple businesses is a wonderful thing and fits directly under one of our core pillars – to invest in Ghana. She [Aishah] has made a true investment as a Ghanaian to give back to her country, and we love seeing diasporans do those types of things.”

Are you looking for an innovative way to earn income? Let GH Snowcone Shark assist you through the Starvin Marvin initiative. There are two packages: Hustle Mode & Shakers and Movers. Contact Aishah at 054 451 6664 or email [email protected] on how you can be an owner.  Follow GH Snowcone Shark on social media @snowsharkgh


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