The effective speaker’s toolbox with Kafui Dey: Hiring an MC for Free?

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Can’t afford to hire an MC but want a professional to handle your event expertly? Guest columnist, Master of Ceremonies and Events Consultant Kwesi Kwatia shows you exactly how. 

It is extremely important to hire the services of a professional MC to host your event. It gives you and your team of organisers the peace and assurance that you’re in safe hands.

Experienced MCs make all the difference on the day of the event. They know how to control the rhythm of the event and inform your guests about what’s at stake and what has to be done. This is because the MC is familiar with and has an in-depth knowledge of your organisation and its mission. Therefore, it will be a huge mistake on your part to underestimate the role of a professional MC in any way for your event.

So how do you hire the services of a professional MC for free and in case you lack the requisite financial commitments on that particular day?

Honesty saves time and money. So invite the MC over for a meeting and sincerely tell them where you stand financially with the event, and why it is necessary for it to come on regardless of the financial constraints.

Appreciate the gift. The worth of a professional can’t be quantified by what they do or charge. It is solely up to the professional to set a target for that and even so, it is purely based on what’s the market rate and most importantly, standards. Therefore, appreciate the MC and let them know why they were chosen for the event. By doing so, you easily connect them to the event.

Propose a package that requires a barter trade between you and the MC. An example is a weekend stay with their family which hotels usually offer. Also you can trade upcoming events from your outfit which guarantee upfront payments to the MC and so on.

A token of appreciation is the foundation of a lasting relationship. So on the day of the agreed free event emceeing, and after the event, show a little and meaningful appreciation for the job done. You can do this with an amount of money that takes care of the MC’s fuel or transportation expenses. This gives the MC the necessary motivation to respond quickly the next time you call.

What most people are not aware of is that the work of an MC as they hold the microphone is the management and successful coordination of the event.

Finally, for most MCs, it’s their full time job and what puts bread on the table at home. Additionally, it’s time well-spent that could be used on other worthwhile projects. Therefore let it be meaningful and worth the time.

>>>Kwesi Kwatia is a Master of Ceremonies, Events Consultant and Presenter at Atlantis 87.9 FM. For enquiries and bookings, call +233 243 737 221 or email [email protected]


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