Shippers’ Authority engages haulage drivers


Benonita Bismarck, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Shippers’ Authority (GSA), has said the Authority will continue educating haulage drivers to know what is required of them when they reach an axle-load station.

She explained that the Axle-Load Protocol was developed in collaboration with Ghana Highway Authority to check certain malpractices at axle-load stations. She indicated that the document, which is in both English and French, provides a step-by-step approach of what is expected from a truck driver once he gets to any axle-load station.

Ms. Bismarck was speaking at a sensitizsation workshop for haulage truck drivers within the Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis. They deliberated on key issues that impact haulage goods, and in particular the conduct of Transit Trade along Ghana’s corridor; addressed road safety issues, carriage of hazardous and dangerous cargo; as well as the need to avoid unnecessary costs in the shipment process.

“GSA has established an electronic platform for reporting Non-Tariff barriers; so far, we are receiving responses, and we urge you to use it when there are issues along the corridor,” she said.

According to her, compliance with international agreements, protocols, conventions and other accords, has seen Ghana offer its territory for land-locked neighbours. The offer has come with enormous benefits, accruing over GH¢134million in annual revenues. However, she mentioned that there are fundamental issues affecting the haulage of goods which require undivided attention.

Isaac Sorkpar, Western Regional MTTD Commander, encouraged drivers to observe the mandatory resting periods to help curb accidents. He hinted that over 700 accidents occurred between January and May in the region, and noted the need for drivers to be cautious on the road.

Also, he noted that most of the road accidents which haulage truck drivers are involved in normally occur at night; therefore, there’s a need for haulage truck drivers to take a rest after every four hours of driving on long journeys before they continue. He said the use of devices such as mobile phones during driving is also causing major accidents on the road, and cautioned drivers against such acts.

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