COA Mixture now qualifies as prescription drug

COA Mixture

COA Mixture, a plant medicine well-known for enhancing the general wellbeing of users, has now been certified to be used as a prescription drug in all health facilities in the country and globally.

This follows its approval and certification by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and other international standard certifications (ISO) after intensive research into the chemical compounds composing the herbal product, manufacturing standards and its efficacy.

For instance, a study carried out on the COA Mixture at the School of Pharmacy, KwaZulu-Natal University, South Africa, confirmed in a preliminary phytochemicals screening that a total of 161 organic compounds can be found in the ingredients of COA Mixture – making it one of the most potent herbal medicines in recent history.

Other research reports by the Centre for Plant Medicine Research, Akuapem Mampong, on ‘Chronic toxicity testing of COA Mixture; and School of Biological Sciences, University of Ghana, on the effect of COA Mixture on herbal immune booster in HIV and Hepatitis B infected individuals, all contributed to proving beyond reasonable doubt the Mixture’s efficacy.

Speaking at the relaunch of COA Mixture, Deputy Minister of Health, Mahama Asei Seini, indicated that a committee was formed in 2019 to review and analyse documents and digital materials on the COA product – taking into consideration the local context and global practices in drug development.

To this end, a process to incorporate herbal medicine into mainstream health delivery in various health facilities has been implemented.

“Now patients can opt for herbal medicine care when they visit our various hospitals. Also, selected herbal medicines have been included in the essential medicines list by the Ministry of Health. COA Mixture is part of the medicines that have been selected, and hence can now be prescribed in the various health facilities across the country,” he said.

He reiterated that government is committed to creating an enabling environment so plant medicine can compete favourably with orthodox medicine; thereby contributing to government’s vision of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and a healthy population which make it possible to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) three – ‘Achieving Health for All Ages’ by 2030.

The minister called for institutional collaborations toward enhancing plant-medicine for global acceptability and to survive global competitiveness in the pharmaceutical sector. The manufacturers must work closely with the scientists, engineers, pharmacists and various regulations.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, COA Research and Manufacturing Company Limited, Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, indicated that diseases which have no cure are identified as one of the major threats to global peace – hence establishment of the COA company to research and develop natural products to help treat some of the diseases the world is finding difficult to treat, as well as improve the use of plant-medicine in Ghana, Africa and the world at large.

“COA Mixture is a well-researched plant medicine that is scientifically developed and approved, now by the FDA, as a medicine for general wellbeing. It is a 100 percent natural product from plants and without any artificial preservatives. It is so powerful that it preserves itself and has unique phytochemicals that can support your immune system for healthy living,” he said.

He added that COA Research and Manufacturing Company is close to a research breakthrough so that, when successful, Ghana stands to realise not less than US$32billion annually from plant-medicine.

Minister of Trade and Industry, Alan Kyerematen, indicated that Ghana imports about 70 percent of its drug requirements. A situation he described as unacceptable, considering the essential herbs present in the country; hence government’s commitment to changing the narrative.

“The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the strategic sectors that government has selected to develop in its aim to diversify the economy. So, what COA is doing is critical and we will support them, because this initiative will create jobs and promote the good health of citizens,” he said.



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