Poetry Corner: Zero heroes of terror 

poetry corner

His was an anticipated arrival

So there was no lack of what was needed to welcome him

But he was worn out on arrival

So named when he came

…for being of double double digits

Others listed him for opening up without limits

Others for his two two units


When he did arrive

He was still alive in his prime

When he did arrive

He lived up to all expectations

But in the middle of his arrival

Yes shortly after his arrival

He settled for a social melee

Speeches turned tribal

Old foes turned rivals

Targets turned trivial

All after holding out as a harbinger of destiny


His hand held the baton


His right hand held the only right to pass on


His hand held the baton to pass on


But his left hand pushed the button

…rather unfairly

None knew how; none knew when

But all wondered why

Never has there been another one

Before then; since then


Hers was a surprising visit

Surprising all to bits

A stranger in the midst of friends

When she did arrive

None knew what she hoped to do alive

What she came to see

Were friends without a flu

What she came to be

Was a flu without a clue


At first she was not a laughing stock

Neither taken for a bluffing plot

Then she was coughing

A new wave of coughing

Then she was not breathing

Just staring at the oxygen

So she was put in a coffin

The culprit she had been

For taking orders to bury others alive

For taking others for a ride alive


The culprit she had been

Born as Covid nineteen

Unveiled as a Culprit to have been

Dispatched as a Convict so mean

Inoculated as an end to a reign

Never has there been this one

No, not under this sun


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