Poetry Corner: Trapped, Tried, and Troubled

Poetry Corner

So it happened

She brought him back to shore

When he was up at sea



Long after he turned the bend to manhood

Still so young and strong

Senaya loved to live alone

Alone, on his own


It was not because

…he couldn’t have fun

…he wouldn’t have fun

…he shouldn’t have fun

It was because he just wanted to be alone

Alone, till the day would come

The day he would choose fun

His own fun

One he could own


He loved to love someone someday

Even as Senaya sat home alone

Jezebel saw him lonely and lonesome

Too lonesome

Too handsome to be lonesome

But he knew he lived to love someone someday


That handsome must have someone

Someone like Jezebel alone

That handsome cannot be a troublesome someone

Even as Senaya lived home alone

She found a way to end his boredom

Her own way


So Jezebel rang his doorbell

When Senaya stood at the door

He saw her at the door

He yelled in awe

There he fell to love

He fell to an awesome Jezebel

So it was

That lonesome Senaya fell to love awesome Jezebel


Jezebel began on a love note

She began to sing love notes

She wove a love zone

With love just enough for two

Just enough for Senaya and Jezebel


Not enough to spread around

Not to his kindred


Not enough for his family


“The two shall be one

The two shall welcome no one

But the two shall welcome mine

My kindred

My family

Only my family”



Akrofi knew what he wanted

Whom he wanted

He searched

And he waited

He searched to find what he wanted

Whom he needed

His find matched his want

He loved his find

He loved whom he found


Even as Akrofi found whom he wanted

Delilah thought Akrofi ought to wait a little longer

Wait for her

She would teach him how to wait long enough

How to wait for her love

He must be for her

She must be for him

They were meant to be


So Delilah laid in wait

Baited Akrofi to cross her path

Prayed he would trip at her trap

Waited when he would yield to be for Delilah


Akrofi tripped towards her trap

And fell flat!

He fell flat for a love trap

Just then he fell out

Out of love for his first love

The love he searched to find

So it was

That Akrofi fell for a love trapped in a trap


Delilah served Akrofi with many delights

…asenka delight

…kissing delight

…delights of the night

Any delight

Except sparing him nightly nagging nightmares


“Never look at another woman twice

Not with those eyes

No woman is my size

Whoever she is

Whatever she is

I am as twice as nice”


“With eyes like mine

My two eyes

I can look at them

Any man

I can look at men



Again it happened

She brought him down

When he was up somewhere

In the vicinity of the sky



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