Baptista S. Gebu’s thoughts ….The giving capsules: No one becomes poor out of giving


I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” ―Maya Angelou

One can never out-give the universe. I’m yet to see someone who became poor by giving.  If one wants to receive, one must first give. We more often than not hold the negative thinking that we have nothing and can eventually offer nothing. That is fallacious. A careful study of the effect of giving will show that no amount is too small.

It is a fact that no matter how little our possessions might be, sharing them with others is always worthwhile. We have all been blessed with one thing or another that we can share. Do you doubt it? Still wondering? Pause. Just try counting your blessings instead of your challenges and afflictions. Amazingly, our blessings-list always out-weighs our challenges and afflictions-list.

Giving can be expressed in several ways. It could be in the form of your human or financial resources; this is what is usually well known. Another could be the time spent with friends, family and work colleagues to cheer them up in times of success, joy or in times of sorrow. A word or two can also be shared in the form of an advice to encourage a person. It is often said the world has many troubles, and so do people around us; we need motivators to speak encouraging words to help brighten the day. One can be a motivator by seeing the positives in all situations instead of the negatives.

In the worst of situations, my experience shows that once we envisage positivity we do not get stressed out, and carry happiness all around us. Remember, one can share what one has. If one has happiness as an inside joy, one can quickly share that happiness with others.

Do not wait to have in abundance before practicing giving – When we share even the little things we have, we open up the storehouse of the universe; and this permits the rivers of wealth to flow our way.  Don’t take my word for it, practice it. That way, you will have a personal story to tell.

One universal principle about giving is that when we give, the returns do not come from those we give to. It usually comes back from sources we could hardly imagine. Another interesting area is giving with fear. Have you given out of fear before? I am sure you can recall the outcome. Give with a heart of gratitude and be amazed at how it works.

What about instances when we give with a proportionate measure to receive. Giving is not loaning of funds. Give with no expectation and/or strings attached. Give as though you are giving to God, that way you have no expectation and set no timeline for returns.  Give freely today and you shall receive freely. Someway, someday, somehow you will be receiving the abundance unexpectedly.

With just one act of kindness you can be an inspiration to others, moving them to plant seeds of happiness through giving.

It’s a world full of abundance. Give with a heart of gratitude and be amazed at the repercussions. Try applying this principle in life, experience it for yourself to have a story of your own to share. Activate the giving culture and principles to brighten up the corner you live in. The ripple-effect in the long run helps make the world a better place to live in. Givers never lack. Give and it will be given back unto you. Try it. You will enjoy it.


Baptista is the Executive Director of ProHumane Afrique International.  ProHumane is a charitable, development & think-thank organisation working with communities & individuals to create sustainable solutions to transform communities through diverse pro-poor initiatives. Pro-poor initiatives are initiatives that help to elevate poverty. You can reach her via e-mail on [email protected]  and follow this conversation on all our social media sites:Linked-In/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram: ProHumane Afrique International.  Call or WhatsApp: +233(0)262213313. Hashtag: #behumane #thegivingcapsules #prohumaneafriqueint  #fowc


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