University students urged to take advantage of blockchain technology


International cryptocurrency exchange, LBank, has embarked on an initiative to educate tertiary students about the relevance of blockchain technology in global trade.

The global brand launched its ‘Traders Hangout’ at Excelsa Lodge Kumasi to officially commence its mass sensitisation across the country, followed by a Masterclass at the Regent University in Accra.

Addressing the media, the Africa Community Manager of LBank Exchange, Chukwuemeka Gerald Ibeawuchi, spoke about the rise of blockchain and its importance in the new industrial revolution.

He explained that the decentralised nature of blockchain offers greater transparency in business and employment opportunities.

“The growth of cryptocurrencies in Africa cannot be overemphasised. Africa has excellent markets for technological professionals with talent and the ability to innovate with new technologies. It is worth noting that Africa’s tech talent market meeting blockchain technology is a marvel waiting to happen. The company believes that the arrival of Web 3.0 will herald a new era of transparency, trust in business, and numerous employment opportunities,” he said.

He added further that Africa cannot afford to be left out of the new industrial revolution, a situation which according to him, will have dire consequences for its citizens.

LBank’s Ghana ambassador, Stay Njokede, encouraged young people to explore opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem to enable them to achieve financial independence.

LBank’s mission in Ghana, according to Mr. Njokede, is to enlighten young people and prepare them for the world about to come.

“We take education seriously because it paves way for adoption. We will be having a campus tour and masterclass in the month of October,” he added.

Established in 2015, LBank Exchange is a world-class digital assets firm which offers professional products and services, including cryptocurrency trading, derivatives, staking, NFT, and its own LBank Labs investment.

The firm was adjudged the Most Trusted Crypto Exchange at the CryptoExpo 2022 event held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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