VRA launches 61st anniversary, pledges to remain innovative

The Volta River Authority (VRA) has pledged to put innovation at the forefront of its operations, as part of efforts to remain the leading choice for power supply.

The Volta River Authority (VRA) has pledged to put innovation at the forefront of its operations, as part of efforts to remain the leading choice for power supply.

“There is competition locally, and the policy and regulatory environment is adapting rapidly to the global energy trends.

“These are cumulatively re-defining our operations and we need to adapt our organisational strategy and re-set our individual mindsets to remain the market leader,” said VRA’s Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Antwi-Darkwa.

Mr. Antwi-Darkwa said this in Accra when he launched the Authority’s 61st anniversary as well as a Creativity and Innovation Day, and said the ever-evolving dynamics of the industry mean that VRA must embrace innovative solutions to stay competitive.

“Indeed, looking closely at the events engulfing the world today, especially with the uncertainties of tomorrow, we cannot maintain that vision unless we strategise to meet exigencies of the times so we can surmount the stiff competition we are faced with. Only then can we continue to exist as a business entity and add value to lives.

“We therefore want to create an environment wherein innovation is tied to the output and performance of each of us. We need to shape the future structure of the Authority by supporting creativity and innovation to shape the landscape of our productivity. We need to find new ideas, fresh energy and novel partnerships to sustain our business,” he said.

He stated that the Authority’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives and remain competitive rests on how well its employees are effectively motivated to remain committed, innovative, disciplined and productive.

“Our ability to innovate to come out with new solutions for existing and emerging challenges in the energy sector is imperative if we are to make our Sustainability Plan successful,” he said.

Instructively, he said management has approved institutionalisation and incorporation of the ‘VRA Innovation Day’ into the Authority’s corporate calendar starting in 2023.

The Day will be used to celebrate and promote innovations which advance the company’s business.

In addition to this, it has also introduced a Digital Transformation and Innovation Project – an incubator for digital solutions in line with its sustainability and strategic development plan.

All these, he explained, will ensure that VRA not only remains the leading power producer but also the most innovative and technologically advanced in Ghana and beyond.

“We expect that, collectively, these and other on-going digitisation projects will form the basis for further creativity and innovation in our work culture,” he said.

Meanwhile, to achieve the innovation needed to spur its long-term growth, the CEO inaugurated a 14-member steering committee to oversee activities that support sustained celebration of Creativity and Innovation Day.

Mr. Antwi Darkwa therefore admonished all staff to cooperate fully with the Committee in supporting the initiative, so as to engender innovation and creativity in the Authority’a work culture.

He added: “Technological advancement and innovation are the two key enablers that are re-defining global economies and utilities today. The COVID-19 pandemic has made that clear”.

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