Hollard partners UGBS to set students up for a better future

Hollard Ghana

With subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life Assurance, Hollard Ghana has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) in Accra. As part of the Hollard X Academia, the MoU seeks to establish students post-academics.

Hollard X Academia is a comprehensive programme that provides a platform to enable the better future of students through Hollard’s Streetwise Finance initiative, mentoring, engagement, corporate experience and resource-sharing programmes for three years subject to renewal.

Commenting at the brief signing ceremony at the University of Ghana Business School, Accra, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Hollard Ghana, Patience Akyianu, described the partnership as part of the group’s corporate social investment efforts for nation-building.

“As an ambassador for UGBS, it brings me joy to witness this day. To achieve maximum impact, we have been intentional about our choice of public universities. I’m proud to say that we have four schools on board to bridge the gap between academia and the field of work. Hollard X Academia started as a dream, and after several months of aligning on what works best for the students we are here to sign an MoU with this premier university. This speaks to our purpose of being a catalyst for positive and enduring change.

“As an entrepreneurial-driven company, we aim to enable more people to create and secure a better future. To this end, we have developed a power-packed programme for our future leaders. The 5 modules include rewarding top-performing students for triple-winning in academia, entrepreneurial mindset, and personal development. The second module also seeks to support the achievements of exceptional, sustainable and inclusive growth in academic work.

“Thirdly, to offer a better corporate experience and future success through Hollard-based corporate engagements. Fourthly, to show care and dignity to the academic community by being a corporate resource for learning. Finally, to be a catalyst for positive and enduring change by setting the agenda for achieving corporate ideals in academia. We are convinced that by the end of this relationship, it will have yielded a triple win for all parties involved. A win for the students, the school and Hollard Ghana, as unusual company alliances are an important element of our business,” she added.

“The University of Ghana Business School’s (UGBS) previous and current strategic plans identify partnerships, especially partnerships with corporate Ghana, as a key strategic thrust. Our partnership with Hollard marks a strategic move for enhancing our brand, and the value proposition from Hollard will serve as an important contribution to training our students.

“This is particularly exciting because the Group CEO of Hollard is our proud alumna and Champion of our Alumni Association. What a great icing on the cake of this great collaboration. Our team is excited about this MoU, which will deepen our collaboration that has already begun in many areas of mutual interest. Long Live UGBS and Hollard Collaboration,” said Prof. Justice Nyigmah Bawole, Dean-University of Ghana Business School.

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