It’s possible, Karen Halm tells female architecture students

Co-founder of Spektra Global Limited, Karen Evans Halm, an architect, has told architecture students, especially females, to entertain no fears. She said it is possible to excel in the profession – whether male or female – and that students should remain focus on their studies, first and foremost.
Ms. Halm made this known in Tema, when architecture students from Central University visited her company as part of an industrial tour. “The basic bias is that females cannot do well in the sector, but you have to do the needful to prove them wrong. If you make it on campus, you can make it in the real world. When the work comes, do it yourself to show that you know your stuff.
“It is not enough to be the architect Ghana produces but learn some soft skills to remain relevant. Be up and doing, make sure you are in the game so that you will stay connected to the trends. Do not get out of the race because you might not come back,” Karen Halm said.
Some female staff of the company shared their career path experience in the areas of construction, procurement and marketing, and urged the students to find a place where they can grow.
Jonathan Nerquaye-Tetteh, a final year student, thanked Spektra Global for the warm reception and the opportunity to share ideas.
The students visited two projects, Burkina Faso Shippers Council office – a project contracted to Spektra Global, as well as the design of International Central Gospel Church Zoe Temple, both in Tema.
“We feel like we are actually the future now; we are actually anticipating how the future is going to be like. Coming to Spektra Global has opened our minds to how things are being done. If we had this experience earlier, it would have shaped our thinking because I almost dropped out in my third year, I was tired because of unending stress and fear of the outside world,” another student, Franklyn Enose, said.

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