AA+ Transport & Logistics promises reliable, efficient services


The hustle of moving goods from one location to the other has been a headache for many individuals and institutions, especially when there is the need for relocation into a new apartment or office.

In view of this, AA+ Transport & Logistics – the name behind home and office relocation – has promised to provide exceptional, reliable and efficient services to customers and prospective ones who are ready to transact business with them.

With ultramodern equipment and experienced staff, the company is poised to provide a decent and efficient work to its customers without leaving any item or goods destroyed.

According to the Chief Executive Officer for AA+ Transport & Logistics, Leon Auguste, the ability of delivering a task within a specific period, yet comes out excellent, has always been the core mandate of the company; hence, clients can rely on them for quality delivery.

“A lot of reasons account for why I would urge everyone to go with us and it is in the sense that we commit a lot of people to a job. Whereas traditionally, you have people doing a job for about two to three days, we are able to execute a big move within a day or two.

“We work with more multi-skilled workers like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, among others. So, in case there is something not in order, we ensure it is well-attended to. We are able to take away already fixed things and re-fix everything as it was. We work for 24 hours,” he noted.

On his part, Mr. Auguste stated that safety of goods moved are of high priority to them; therefore, they provide certain mechanisms that ensure that items that are being transported from one location to the other are well-protected.

“We go a long way to protect the items in the sense that if there is anything that is likely to scratch, we put a wrapping base. We are careful when we are moving stuffs. The moving work is not just about lifting things and putting it in the truck, and since most of our job requires lifting, we do anything that will make the work less stressful to the item we are lifting, and we employ the use of trolleys and certain lifting equipment,” he said.

Mr. Auguste indicated that for now his firm is focused on home and office relocation, but will soon move into cargo shipping and bus rentals services to clients since it is a logistics company. He added that they are poised to continue delivering services in a safe and fast manner.

For further details of its service, you can visit www.aaplusgroup.com

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