#KwahuEaster2022: Yenko Kwahu 2022—a thrilling tour of the paradise that is Kwahu


‘Yenko Kwahu’ means, ‘let’s go to kwahu’. And so, every year, typically in September, members of the Kwahus Professionals Network go to Kwahu to connect with nature and their roots by visiting the many astounding tourist havens in the Kwahu area.

The tour, which is always a refreshing break from the hustle of urban life, provides the opportunity to explore the many natural resources that Kwahu has.

The trips to the many charming sights in Kwahu, such as the Nkofie Caves, Butiase Waterfalls, Burukuwa zipline and other artificially created tourist sites, create memories that visitors hold dear and relive for a lifetime.

Having been instituted as an annual event, it came off in November 2021, after a year’s break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And as expected, patrons were pumped-up and delighted that they could make up for the lost opportunity in 2021 by enjoying every bit of the adventure.

Having established the event as one not to miss, the KPN team had some patrons who were non-members joining them and boy, did they have fun! What that means is that ‘Yenko Kwahu’ is open to everyone who wants to use make good use of a well-deserved break by having the time of their life in the mountains.

As typically done, the event was held over three days, starting on a Friday and ending on Sunday. The event kicked off with a ‘Bonfire nite’ dubbed ‘Nana Ampadu Evergreen Tunes Bonfire Night.’ It was held in commemoration of the Kwahu musical icon Nana Ampadu who died earlier in the year. It was a night of great music, dance and fireworks as patrons relaxed and readied themselves for the adventure ahead.

On Saturday, patrons made their way to the Twendurase Mystical Caves as the first stop for the ‘Adventure O’ Clock’ session. The cave tour certainly lives up to its name ‘mystical’, and is not one for the fainthearted. But, it is worth experiencing! From there, patrons went to Echo Raven, perhaps the only valley in the world that ‘responds’ when you ‘speak’ to it.

In-between munching bites of carefully seasoned juicy chicken pieces prepared by the tour team at the Twendurase caves, patrons took a breather. Refreshed and energised, the last stop for the day was at the Butuase waterfalls, a 60 ft. waterfall on the outskirts of Kwahu Tafo that tumbles down into a series of splashing pools.

“Adawso Riverside Grills and Chills” was the venue and the agenda for the evening. With a drive lasting over 30 minutes from Mpraeso, patrons moved to Adwaso in a spectacular and well-coordinated fashion. Most patrons had the rare opportunity to enjoy a boat ride under the moonlight before being taken to the main event grounds. The night was crowned with good highlife tunes from an incredible live band group that knew their stuff.

At midday the next day, after patrons had had a good night’s sleep from all the adventure the day before, they were treated to a lunch date with none other than the King of Kwahu, Daasebre Akuamoah Agyapong 11. The lunch event, dubbed ‘Taste of kwahu Lunch Chat with Daasebre,’ gave KPN members and other people who had joined the trip the rare privilege of dining with the King. The event’s tone was informal and allowed for an engaging and interactive session.

Topics discussed ranged from Akwasidae, kwahu tourism, agriculture, youth empowerment and many more. Alongside an abundance of good food prepared with materials sourced directly from kwahu farms, it was certainly time well spent with taste buds well tickled. And did we tell you that the plantain we had came from Daasebre’s farm? Well, it did, and it tasted royal too!

I am sure you are already drooling just thinking about what a royal plantain taste like. Do not miss this year’s event then. And on that plantain note, we closed down the curtain on what was three wholesome days of exploring and discovering the fantastic nooks and crannies of Kwahu tourists’ destinations.

This year, we go again. Please, do not say we didn’t tell you! Join us and experience the many breath-taking tourist sites that make us Kwahu and proud.


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