Virtual launch of Terry Mante’s latest books set for Saturday August 15


Author, business consultant, corporate trainer and Business and Financial Times columnist Terry Mante is set to release his latest books in a virtual launch to be held on Saturday August 15, 2020. The event will be streamed on all his channels @terrymante on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The two books are entitled Empowerment and Leader Sense.

In the introduction of Empowerment, the author discloses that his intention for every book he publishes is to “solve problems, contribute to knowledge, inspire and challenge my generation, advance the cause of human progress, and leave a legacy for posterity.” He is expectant that these two books will reinforce that drive.

Through Leader Sense, Terry is poised to contribute to the leadership journey of both emerging and established leaders. The book is to help “accentuate strengths, assuage weaknesses and accelerate progress,” according to the blurb.

Terry’s writing career, which spans a 14-year period has achieved nine incisive and inspiring books including Attitude is Everything, All-round Communication, Gifts That Keep Giving and Money Grows on Trees. His ten-year stint as a columnist of Business and Financial Times has produced over 300 articles, many of which have been cited by colleges, companies, bloggers, PhD candidates, corporate portals and other authors.

His new books, along with other books of his are already listed on reputable online stores and libraries such as Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Bambooks, Apple Books, OverDrive and Scribd. Saturday’s Virtual Launch is meant to introduce paperback versions to the Ghanaian reading public.


Source: Terry Mante Exchange


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