Agro Kings goes green with Gasor Electric

Agro Kings goes green with Gasor Electric
Agro Kings’ Mechanisation Lead using a Gasor Electrics e-bike

As an agricultural company driven to feed the future while supporting global security, Agro Kings Ltd has shown an unwavering commitment to climate actions. From the use of solar energy on the farms, harvesting rainwater for irrigation to planting trees on the borders of the farm which serve as windbreaks absorbing carbon from the atmosphere thus, reducing the carbon footprint.

Now, with the company’s goal to actively contribute towards the reduction of greenhouse emissions, Agro Kings has adopted the use of electric vehicles, starting with electric bikes for transportation.

Over the past few years, electric vehicles have been promoted as a key technology to help combat climate change. Unlike the traditional vehicles, these plug-in vehicles use batteries rather than fossil fuels. As a result, planet warming emissions are less, contributing to a clean and safe environment. Gasor Electric, a Ghanaian electric vehicle supplier, having shared in the company’s vision, has donated an appreciable number of electric bikes.

Donating the bikes, CEO of Gasor Electric: “Agro Kings Ltd is a company with a clear mission and purpose and my company identifies with their mission of feeding the continent while creating opportunities for women in their industry. Electric motorbikes are very easy to maintain and ride. Anyone can learn them within a few hours. It’s our hope that these electric bikes will make mobility easier for the women in the fields”.

He added that for the first time in the history of mankind, the leaders of the world have agreed on one thing: ‘Net Zero Emission’ agenda which requires all nations, though having different timelines, are to reduce their carbon emissions to zero.

“Every sector of our economic lives will be affected, and most importantly commuting and transportation. It’s just a matter of time until all mopeds and vehicles on our roads will be electric. This presents several challenges, but more importantly, opportunities. Gasor Electric is contributing to the solution and creating a positive narrative for Africa. We believe we can,” he said.

In the near future, Agro Kings looks forward to having more of these climate-friendly vehicle options to advance its cause together with other sustainable climate actions.

Impact of climate change

Climate change is by far one of the most pressing global crises that cannot be ignored. It’s impact on agriculture is dire, threatening global food security. With rising temperatures, researchers report intensified droughts, flooding, fire outbreaks and heat waves which greatly affect livestock, crop productivity and soil quality. Additionally, reports conclude that higher concentrations of carbon dioxide resulting from burning of fossil fuels are linked to the reduction of food’s nutritional quality.

About Agro Kings

Agro Kings is an innovative enterprise premised on advancing human lives with a focus on farming, value-added agriculture and technology to support global food security.


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