UK-Ghana partnership yields £80.3m Tema-Aflao road project

Iain Walker British High Commissioner to Ghana

The partnership between the United Kingdom and Ghana has secured funding and expertise to build new major road system creating jobs and building expertise across Ghana.

The £80.3m project, between BHM and Ministry of Roads and Highways, would see the building of a major road between Tema and Aflao which would employ more than 500 Ghanaians and forms part of the ECOWAS coastal expressway.

Iain Walker British High Commissioner to Ghana said: “The significant strengthening of Ghana’s road system shows the UK-Ghana partnership at its best; a long-term partnership working for the long-term benefit of Ghana. Together we are committed to creating opportunities that move beyond aid and towards the trade and investment relationships which drive economic growth and local job creation.”

BHM Construction International are a civil engineering company specialising in airports and roads and the UK-based company has recently increased their capacity across the Sub Saharan market. The Tema to Afloa road project, worth £80.3m, will see a major upgrade to the road system between Tema and the border with Togo.

This new section of highway will ultimately form part of the link between Cote D’Ivoire and Nigeria and cities on route and has been agreed by the ECOWAS nations and will strengthen the West African transport network.

Phil Atkinson, BHM Construction International UK MD, said: “BHM are privileged to be partnering with the Government of Ghana for the delivery of the critical road corridor in Tema, Accra.

The road forms part of the ECOWAS coastal expressway and will create sustainable jobs and economic growth in the Region. This has all been made possible by the significant support received from Ghana Ministry of Roads, and Ministry of Finance alongside the UK government.”

Working with Nurizon International of the UK and Aurecon Africa alongside the Ministry of Roads and Highways, BHM will construct the Tema – Aflao project between 2020 and 2024. The project is likely to employ more than 500 Ghanaians providing them with extensive training.

Adam Afriyie Her Majesty’s Trade Envoy for Ghana said: “UK partnerships with Ghana such as the BHM roads project demonstrate the effective collaboration between the Government of the United Kingdom and the Government of Ghana.

These projects show the UK’s ability to mobilise the best of our shared expertise, with the technical skills to offer world class solutions, to the increasing need for improving infrastructure in Ghana to support its development. I am so pleased to see that both of these projects will be made possible with the support of the UK Government.”

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