Accra, Kumasi to host largest Blockchain Alliance seminar

Accra, Kumasi to host largest Blockchain Alliance seminar

The free financial seminar put forth by Amey Finance Academy (AFA) London, dubbed ‘Financial Revolution, the Largest Blockchain Alliance’, is set to take place in Accra and Kumasi on April 8 and 15, 2022 respectively.

On April 8, the event will be at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel at 4pm, and at KNUST, Great Hall on April 15, 2022.

The event seeks to give lessons and help participants identify and also create multiple sources of income, as a crucial step to financial independence.

Speaking on the upcoming event, Chief Executive Officer of Amey Finance Academy, Des Amey, explained that the seminar forms a part of AFA’s world tour project and was held in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and others, because they saw a need to educate people on the right opportunities available to attain financial stability, especially in this era when scammers are intruding into the space.

“With Financial Revolution, we are talking about fusion of the Internet and blockchain industries which now presents amazing opportunities online. Of course, it is very important that people do their due diligence as there are great opportunities but also scammers out there. But what we cannot do is to allow bad experiences to stop us from being entrepreneurial – we should just become more savvy,” he said.

Mr. Amey added that it has become necessary to take advantage of the Internet and blockchain industries to achieve financial goals, bring about a positive financial flow and multiple income sources.

“I spent over 15 years working in schools across London as a deputy headteacher, and it was during this time that I realised even though I had achieved a quite high education I was broke; I was living paycheck to paycheck. I would get paid and the money didn’t stretch till end of the month, and that’s when I really started to seek out what I could do about my financial situation.

“Obviously two major technological shifts happened, and around that time we had the boom of the Internet and the emergence of blockchain, which started around 2009 – and both combined present amazing opportunities to make money online,” he noted.

He added that the event will afford participants to learn about blockchain, the opportunities there are, how it works and how it can benefit the world.

As a qualified financial life coach, a lecturer of financial studies, and also author of the number-one bestselling book on Amazon ‘Starting Your Property Side Hustle: The Residual Income’, Mr. Amey believes that the event is crucial in this current dispensation as people needs such platforms to better understand the evolving financial ecosystem in order to explore and leverage opportunities.

He holds the view that even with the right mindset there are keys to financial success: which include having a burning desire for the things one wants; the opportunity; and lastly, a mentor or platform – exactly what the event is providing.

“We are calling it a financial revolution because we see this as sowing a seed in these countries, and we aim to create multiple 6- and 7-figure income earners from this event. Following the main event those people who join us are going to be doing a special leadership. My last words are for people to take action, because action takers are money makers,” he added.

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