Poetry Corner: Before the meeting ends


Oh what a meeting this is!


Once they meet

There must be meat on the table

There must be meat

To meet to eat

As they plead their case

And their needs


They must begin on clean sheets

So they can end on dirtied linen

…washed within

Tucked away under tampered sheets


They must greet those they meet

On their way up

With complete contempt

Only to greet those they meet

On their way down

…to complete defeat

With simple feet

With regrets


There must be meat

For those who must meet

To meet the expectations of the masses

…teeming at the roots

When they meet they must have a treat

They must be treated to a treated feast

For they who empty the treasure chest

The people’s purse


They must score a feat

With feet that dance to the beat

At the gallery of mediocrity

They must complete the deceit

With a plea oft repeated

Oft rehearsed to be repeated

“We need more to do more”


They must attend the meeting

In a fleet of speeding contraptions

And flee


On streets left to peel off


They must complete

The pages they delete

The pages they leave to disintegrate

The new pages they write

In complete haste

In a hurried haste

To compete to copy and paste


They must complete

The depletion of the national bowl

In a national hall

In a rehearsed debate

“Yeah yeah”

They must delete existing zeroes

…preceding the digits

And insert new zeroes

At succeeding places

Before end of meeting


They must take the meat

…away from the streets

And put it on their silver plates

Feed from their silver spoon

On a silver platter


They must scramble for gated communities

In rated vicinities

To create class colonies

With bated breath

To prop up overrated ego


They must reap and rape

…the consolidated coffers

And tweet later

To blame their evil deed

On the evil one

The evil one baited them

To steal and rob

As they sat on the seat entrusted in faith

The seat of fate


They must meet to tell it to the Fourth Estate

With item 13 compliments

They must twist and turn

…the bare facts

As discreetly secretive as they can

To conceal the fair facts


Before the meeting ends

Meet with them in dark alleys

For tips and trips

To think new risks

They must meet the surrogates

Those who double as fanatic sycophantic zealots

At the gates of profligate payouts


They must meet time

At its flying tarmac

Before time puts on nimble feet

They must beat time

Before its fleeting wings

…meet them as they exit

At the end of the dark tunnel

Where they must exit

Oh what a meeting that was!


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