MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: Sudden change


It is said that change is inevitable but it is what precipitates it that seems to take people by surprise.

Just some few months ago, nobody could envisage Elon Musk becoming part of Twitters’ board in such a sudden manner.

In fact, Elon Musk is now the largest shareholder of Twitter.

Due to this sudden change to Twitter, it has sent the company’s stock soaring.

Change is all that one needs to ever keep on in life.

For instance, in the financial service world, a lot of unprecedented change is taking place.

In fact, it is so phenomenal that it can entirely throw away all that you have ever learnt concerning Finance.

Now, just some few years ago no one ever thought that goods and services could be paid through a smart device, but now it is being done.

This phenomenon is trying to pose like everything that we have ever known about finance seems to be obsolete especially regarding some of these technological companies.

For example, a technology company sets up and within just few weeks its revenue is in multi-millions of dollars and might not even have any physical location.

It just shows up at your face unannounced.

Yet in Finance we study things that precipitate a cause to establish or expand.

We take case studies and do a lot of evaluations and assessments.

For instance, PESTLE is mostly a key module in doing these.

P- Political factors

E- Economical factors

S- Social factors

T-Technological factors

L- Legal factors

E-Environmental Factors

It seems that the only driving factor is technology, all other factors seem to be obsolete. This is why I stated earlier that it seems that everything we have known about Finance is turning to be obsolete.

For example, look at the volume of goods and services being rendered by Alibaba, Amazon and so on. It seems as if there are no borders in the world any more.

This is change!

So what should one do under these wonderful phenomenal changes?

Quickly understand that everything you have known is getting obsolete and therefore you need to open up to sudden change.

Sudden change surprises a lot. Just embrace it!

Think about it!

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