Garden City University records significant growth in admission

Garden City University records significant growth in admission
Prof. Edward Kwame Asante

The Garden City University College (GCUC) at Kenyasi, near Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, has recorded remarkable growth in admission in its quest to provide quality university education for students.

The University College admitted a total of 1996 students in the 2021/22 academic year as against 579 students in 2018 with the introduction of Nursing and Midwifery programme contributing significantly to this outstanding progress.

In 2018, GCUC matriculated 35 and 35 regular students for the Nursing and Midwifery departments respectively. The 2021 / 2022 academic year, the University College matriculated 220 and 114 regular students for the Nursing and Midwifery departments respectively.

The President of the University College, Prof. Edward Kwame Asante disclosed this monumental achievement among others at the 16th matriculation ceremony held recently, virtually and in person at the forecourt of the University College.

Prof. Asante attributed this remarkable growth in admission to the hard work of stakeholders of the University College and also a significant achievement since he assumed office as the President of the University College in 2018.

He further congratulated the University community   as well as the alumni and continuing students who referred many of the freshers to GCUC, for this monumental achievement.

The President of the University College specially mentioned, the Director of CODel, and the administrator, as well as the Director of OIA and his hard-working team for their efforts, despite the frustrating challenges they faced daily in the discharge of their duties.

He further expressed his appreciation to the Heads of Department (HoDs) of the Nursing and Midwifery departments, in what he describes as ‘re-organising and re-energising’ the two departments to be very attractive to prospective students.

He revealed that at a point in the admission process GCUC had to halt admitting Nursing students so that they would not go way beyond the recommended student-staff ratio.

Parents and guardians of the students were further appreciated for the indispensable diverse roles they have played and continue to play in the academic lives of their wards and hoped and prayed that the investment they were making would yield the desired results.

“Your parents and guardians have sacrificed so that you may enjoy the privilege of a university education. I urge you to aim at becoming totally transformed individuals by taking your studies seriously,” he stressed.

Advising the matriculated students, Prof Kwame Asante implored them to make maximum use of the resources and facilities placed at their disposal.

The President of the University College emphasized that the students have some of the best lecturers in the country teaching them and their efforts would be in vain unless they complement such opportunities through hard work and dedication to the purpose of the gaining admission into the University. He urged them to attend lectures regularly, complete their assignments on time and take part in all assessments.

On adherence to rules and regulations of the University, the President of GCUC, told newly admitted students that, as full members of the University College community, it is part of their obligations to maintain law and order, pay their school fees and other levies, protect the University College property, respect the rights of their fellow students, report any criminal activities to the University College authority and keep their hostel and lecture rooms clean, among others.

Prof. Asante expressed optimism that the students would allow all these obligations guide their conduct throughout their stay in the University College.

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