Ghana-Palestinian diplomatic relations: Growing together

The Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri, has called for more areas of cooperation with Ghana to boost bilateral relations.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri, has called for more areas of cooperation with Ghana to boost bilateral relations.

In a recent interview, he highlighted the similarities between Palestine and Ghana, urging that we protect the peace we enjoy as a state. He shed light on the relevance of peace in nation-building as it enhances sector growth development. He expressed his appreciation for the warm and hospitable nature and ‘modus operandi’ of Ghanaians, which made him feel at home and poised for diplomatic duties.

Delving into Palestinian-Ghana diplomatic relations, he adds that he will keep working hard to solidify our bilateral relations and bilateral trade relations. H.E. Amb Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri added that, currently, approximately a hundred Palestinian businessmen reside in Ghana. The problem facing the extension of businesses from Palestine to Ghana and vice versa is due to the fact that Palestinian lands are occupied by Israelis. The occupancy of Palestinian soil by Israelis accounts for the deterioration of businesses in Palestine.

When asked about the greatest highlight of his seven-year stay in Ghana, he said it was when he had the opportunity to host children with special needs from orphanages – to spend time and share gifts with them, as these little acts of love make them feel loved and appreciate life. Coming from a poor family, he understands the plight of these children and always extends a supporting hand.

When asked about the current state of the Oslo Accords, formulated in 1993 to bring a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, he added that the agreement did not see the light of day and could not fulfil its initial relevance due to disagreements that were still lurking between Israel and Palestine. Israel is backed by some superpowers who oftentimes sit on a fence when it comes to making decision that do not favour Israeli ideologies. He asserts: “The Oslo Accords in 1993 were signed by the Israelis with their left hand, and they oppressed and stole from Palestine with their right hand”. The building of illegal cities in-between Palestinian states and assassination of innocent people in Gaza were determinants in failure of the Oslo Accords since inception.

“From his stance, anyone who wants to lead a peaceable process must first of all have vision, foresight, be determined and believe that collective peace is achievable,” he said, quoting Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela, former South African president.

As an expert in Middle East Studies and Peacebuilding, he believes that collective development is achievable in Africa. He advises that Ghanaians should desist from hateful speeches that will spark chaos, which to a large extent disrupts our democracy. He commended the Ghanaian government for properly managing the COVID-19 pandemic by providing vaccines to citizens. He commended the citizens who played a vital role by adhering to the safety protocols, which helped to curb the pandemic.

To Ghanaian youth, he advocates peaceful coexistence.

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