EPA assures support for sustainable local building material manufacturers


The Environmental Protection Agency Deputy Executive Director, Ebenezer Appah-Sampong, has assured of the agency’s willingness to help promote the activities of local building material manufacturers who use recycled plastic.

The executive director, who made this known at an exhibition of building materials made partly from plastic, said the move will further boost the circular economy as well as attain zero plastic pollution.

“They have done a fantastic job by turning what we assumed as waste into value. This is exactly what we have been promoting over the years, and going forward it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate.

“We hope to upscale this, to work with them and other groups so that we promote a circular economy of plastic. This time it will not be only talking; rather, a demonstration of what is viable,” he said.

He also noted that aside from contributing to the country’s effort in dealing with plastic, the manufacturer’s role is key to reducing the housing deficit and ensuring affordability.

“We know today it has the capability of reducing the cost by up to 30 percent, and what we can do as an agency is to promote them. At the end of the day, we have to link them with prospective developers to consider those options. As much as possible, we will promote it,” he added – highlighting how their activities can help reduce the housing deficit and ensure affordability.

Speaking at the exhibition, the General Manager of Dophil – a company that produces roofing systems with partly recycled plastic – Dzifa Hanyabui, said her outfit is appreciative of the platform EPA has provided, as they are still at an early stage of introducing this product to the Ghanaian market; hence, the need for such platforms to authenticate the product at hand.

“We are looking forward to more of such exposures, because that will also give credibility to sell and raise awareness.

“With the new product we have introduced onto the market, we are looking at a long-lasting product that all Ghanaians, irrespective of their social status, can afford and use for a lifetime.

“The conventional roofing sheets we have rust with time, they fade with time; but our product, which is named Ecophil, does not rust or fade – and it is eco-friendly, heat and fire resistant, and is also sound-proof,” she said.

She commended EPA for collaborating with the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation’s effort in raising awareness on ensuring a clean environment, using more sustainable means to mitigate climate change effects – adding that recycling plastic waste is one key means by which the country can go green.

She also urged the citizenry to patronise products made from recycled plastic so as to promote a circular economy.

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