Nissan pays tribute to Ghana on 65th Anniversary of Independence

The development of Ghana is a shared responsibility between the seat of government and the citizenry.

Nissan wishes the government and the Republic of Ghana all the best as they commemorate the 65th anniversary of independence under the theme “Working Together; Bouncing Back Better.” We hope to reflect our admiration for Ghana’s independence and stature as Africa’s oldest democracy, as well as the country’s strong reinforcement of diversity and commitment to nation building. It is our hope that as we continue our journey together in manufacturing and developing strong automotive ties in Ghana, the warm bond of friendship and cooperation that already exists between Nissan and the Ghanaian government will be strengthened even further.

Given that Nissan and joint partner Japan Motors Trading Company (JMTC) will soon begin assembling Nissan vehicles at the newly constructed assembly plant operation in Accra, we are confident that this strategic partnership between us and the government will propel Ghana to the forefront of the African auto industry.

As we strive to address the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic on African economies, as well as do our best to sustain structural frameworks that promote Africa’s automotive growth, we must remember that this is the very essence of “working together and bouncing back better.”

While Ghana celebrates its 65th year of independence and is pursuing a brighter future ahead, we must express our deepest gratitude for the country’s relentless support and dedication to the development of the auto sector.

As such, we hope for a year in which African manufacturing and innovation will be elevated and intercontinental partnerships will thrive.

Nissan is thrilled to be home.

Happy Independence Day!

Mike Whitfield, Managing Director, Africa Regional Business Unit, reaffirms Nissan’s manufacturing commitment to Ghana’s auto sector

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