Afrobeat meets Dubai

Afrobeat meets Dubai

The global Afrobeat Community is finally here in Dubai for the highly anticipated Afrozons Dubai Soundoff.

The event with the aim to give buyers, winners, media, celebrity DJs and musicians the opportunity to see Dubai with an Afrobeat theme started with a tour of the new Museum of the future.

The Museum welcomed guests to embark on a journey into the year 2071 in a space shuttle, which provides visitors with an innovative experience.

The museum experience unfolds across different exhibitions that explore the future of space travel and living, climate change and ecology, health, wellness and spirituality.

Coming face to face with never seen before space technology and getting introduced to humanity’s home in outer space, the museum takes one through a journey to the depths of the solar system.

Paying tribute to the inspiring Emirates Mars mission project that saw the hope probe successfully enter mars’ orbit last year, this exhibit compliments a crowning milestone for the U.A.E and the Arab World.

The museum of the future encourages its visitors to partake in special missions and, unlike a traditional museum, that displays fragments of the past, it provides a portal to the future, in a scientific attempt to explore its variables, potential challenges and expected characteristics.

Visitors were re-introduced into planet earth through a new environment, the future of healing, sustainability and bioengineering technology. This strategically positions Dubai and the UAE as one of the first countries to announce commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and a homage to the country’s effort in planning to host the 28th United Nations Climate Change in Abu Dhabi in 2023.

The team climaxed the evening with an Afrobeat styled meet and greet with radio hosts and celebrities including Ghana’s own Bola Ray; an in depth tour and enlightenment of the world’s famous Dubai 3 Islands on top of the View at the palm. .

Dubai’s visionary and innovative drive makes it the obvious destination for tourists looking to be inspired and motivated about the future.

Speaking to the media at the meet and greet Stella Fubara the Director of International Operations with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing said:  “From the budget to the high-end tourists, Dubai offers an astonishing ray of travel options for everyone”

Safe and secure, Dubai is your home away from home

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