Standard Chartered hosts Geek Night 2024 to share new trends, and innovations


This century has been characterized by a rapidly evolving digital landscape and technological advancements which continue to reshape industries and society. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses are faced with the dilemma of adopting new automated systems and technologies, using artificial intelligence (AI), big data and analytics to be able to provide unparalleled service to their customers.

While the adoption in markets like Africa is lagging, the transformation in markets like the US and China is huge.  The US, for example, has spent the past decade upgrading its bank-based magnetic cards with chips and introducing newer payment methods through mobile. e.g. Apple Pay. China, on the other hand, has leapfrogged the card-based system with new payment systems around person-to-person, retail and business transactions built on digital wallets.

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana, recognising these transformations, hosted Geek Night 2024 under the theme “Exploring Conversations and Ethics in Technology”. The immersive event was designed to equip employees with the knowledge of new trends in technology and how they transform work, as well as their ethical implications for businesses and customers.

The event featured esteemed speakers including Papa Arkhurst, a renowned Coach and IT Solutions Provider, Nehemiah Attigah, Software Engineer, and Founder of Hatua Tech, Philip Kofi Ashon, a Digital Strategist and former Host of CitiTrends- a cutting-edge Tech programme on CitiFm and Winifred Kotin, a seasoned technology business leader and author.

Asiedua Addae, Head, Corporate Affairs, Brand and Marketing at Standard Chartered Bank Ghana spoke about the rationale for Geek Nite 2024 emphasising that events like this were necessary for staff to understand the power of Big data and AI, discuss how to ensure the privacy and safety of data and how to improve teamwork through the use of technology.

In his presentation, Papa Arkhurst highlighted the significance of understanding human behaviour and its effects on technology as people’s actions influence the technology landscape. Hence being empathetic and reflecting on the repercussions of our actions and choices on others within the digital realm is very important.

Nehemiah Attigah shared thoughts on the importance of big data; and how we can apply it to improve our business. He indicated that beyond the knowledge that big data offers, what makes it even more useful is its predictability. He called for organisations to pay more attention to the use of big data to predict the future.

Philip Ashon, discussed social media and the negative effects it seems to have in the country but mentioned that rather than focusing on its seeming negatives, we need to pay more attention to their positive effects. He further encouraged all to pay attention to the ‘fine print’ when they sign on to social media sites and be deliberate about how they provide personal data on online sites.

On her part, Winifred Kotin shared her perspectives on the three pillars of technology – processes, people and value creation. She emphasized that while processes and technology are crucial, it is people who drive innovation and determine how technology is utilized. She further spoke about AI and other new technologies which can be used to enhance work and create value for individuals and society.

A highlight of the event was the screening of excerpts from the documentary “The Social Dilemma,” which shed light on the manipulative tactics employed by social media companies to keep users engaged. This eye-opening revelation sparked in-depth discussions among attendees, challenging them to question the ethical boundaries of technology and its impact on individuals and society.

“At Standard Chartered Bank Ghana, we believe that investing in our employees’ growth and development is essential for driving innovation and delivering exceptional service,” said Gifty Fordwuo, Head, Human Resources, Standard Chartered Bank Ghana. “Geek Night 2024 was a testament to our commitment to upskilling our workforce and equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the digital age.”

Through Geek Night 2024, Standard Chartered Bank Ghana demonstrated the complexities of the digital era and its advancement in driving positive change within the organization and the industry. The event also highlighted Standard Chartered Bank Ghana’s dedication to embracing innovative technologies, comprehending their impacts, and adjusting to the constantly evolving digital terrain to remain a reliable ally for individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of this digital era.

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