Wheel of life series with Lady Sam: Escape just for a while

Wheel of life Series with  Lady Sam: Make an impact

Life is not a right but a privilege. Although we may not be exactly where we want to be, we could be far worse off. Every day, hour, minute and even second that passes us by, is time we cannot get back. Life is precious, time is precious and every day that we are given on this Earth is a blessing. We need to count the moments and make every moment count. How many of us really take time to take in the moments, do we take in the moments or do we let the moments pass away?

As we go about our day, how often do we make the effort to stop and smell the roses? How often do we take the time to hear the birds chirping, or just stand still to smell the hypnotic aroma of coffee? We can all get drawn into the hassle and bussle of life, particularly if we work for ourselves or have a demanding role, the hours, and days can pass us by so quickly, before you know it, it is the weekend and all of a sudden a new week is upon us again. The reality is that none of us can keep a hold of time, we have all been given the same twenty four hours in a day. As a life coach I encourage us to be intentional about our time and intentional about observing our surroundings.

When I first became a life coach, one of the big buzz words at the time was the word ‘escapism; which means seeking relief from the current reality.  This is something that I have learnt to do really well, especially when I have found myself to be in a stressful situation, I find somewhere to go mentally as a way of re-centering myself.

I once had a colleague who would take a five minute breather, she would imagine herself in exotic locations whenever she was stressed, this was her form of escapism, and it worked for her, because she would always come back refreshed. Escapism for others could be going for a walk or run, reading a book or watching a film. Basically escapism is doing something great to break the monotony, at least for a while. It is whatever works for you.

I remember when I had to take a trip outside of London on a coach, the journey was about 3 hours long, On route the bus driver made two pit stops so that people could either use the lavatory, refresh and refuel (like have a snack) the journey was broken up so that people, including the driver, could recharge.

I like the analogy of using this bus trip because as we all go on this journey called life, every so often, we have to recharge. Having a pit stop or finding that time of escapism can be a good way to recalibrate or recharge our minds, so that we can have the opportunity to refresh and refocus and appreciate the beauty of this thing called life.


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