CalBank scales-up digitisation to better meet customer needs in 2022

CalBank PLC is set to scale-up its digitisation initiatives to better meet the needs of clients and expand its customer base come 2022.

CalBank PLC is set to scale-up its digitisation initiatives to better meet the needs of clients and expand its customer base come 2022.

According to the bank’s Managing Director, Philip Owiredu, the bank has its customers at heart and is hence putting measures in place to improve transactions and services. He said it will also emphasize its retail strategy, which will ensure a nationwide presence for the bank as well as ensuring financial inclusion.

“In terms of technology, we will be able to improve on what we have done. We live in the age of technology, and what we have to do is ensure that all our products, services and processes are digitized; and make sure that in terms of technology we are ahead of the market in being able to provide services for clients,” he said.

Mr. Owiredu said the move forms part of the bank’s three-year strategic plan, which is targetted at technology, culture, risk management, being customer-centric and others capable of driving a dynamic banking sector. He added that these pillars will be reinforced to champion activities and initiatives in 2022.

He was speaking at the CalBank thanksgiving service to thank God for his everlasting faithfulness and for bringing them to the end of a successful year. “We thank God for giving us all the business opportunities in the year, and for supporting us with all our endeavours and as an institution at the end of the year. We give praise and thanks to God for all he has done.

“Throughout this year, we executed several initiatives in terms of what we set for ourselves for the first year. In 2022 we will reinforce all the initiatives we have set for ourselves in 2021; especially, we will be looking at our culture-change programme. We will look at being customer-centred. Our people are also very key, so we will have initiatives that develop workers to ensure we have a very high performing institution. We will consolidate this in three years and make sure we come out as a better institution,” he said.

He further added the bank’s agenda to promote green projects in the country will be deepened in 2022, as they believe the green-agenda is a global issue and a charge that every responsible institution must take up. “We have funding for green projects, and we will continue to deepen that to contribute our quota toward the green agenda the world hopes to achieve.”

On how the bank is faring in this time of a global pandemic, he said although the impact of COVID -19 is still apparent at some organisations, CalBank has been determined and ensured that measures were put in place to ease its impact on the bank’s activities.

He reiterated the need to get vaccinated, and urged Ghanaians to make themselves available for the COVID-19 jab when it gets to their turn.  The event also saw staff who have worked with the bank for over a decade awarded for their dedication to service and contributions to its growth.

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