Google, Majorel partner to create over 100 jobs for youth

Google, Majorel partner to create over 100 jobs for youth

Over 100 youth in the country are likely to gain employment in the near-future, as Google has announced a partnership with Majorel – a global leader in customer service – to open a new office in Accra.

With recruitment well underway to operationalise this new country office, the project is estimated to scale to 100 plus open roles within the year.

The Majorel project will provide specialised support for Google services and is part of Google’s ongoing US$1billion investment in Africa over the next five years, as announced by Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai.

Managing Director-Google Africa, Nitin Gajria said: “We’re happy to partner with Majorel as they create job opportunities in Ghana and help promote economic growth in Africa. Ghana has an expanding and talented workforce that we’re excited to work with and learn from at Google”.

The MD further indicated that this partnership supports Google’s direct investment in Africa through jobs, infrastructure, products and skills programmes to help people grow their careers and businesses.

As a global company, Google partners with businesses around the world to provide specialised services where the company doesn’t have appropriate in-house expertise or resources; often in fields that require significant specialised training.

“Google carefully selects its partners and staffing agencies, and ensures they follow Google’s code of conduct for suppliers,” emphasised the MD.

Recruitment and training are well underway in Accra, and the new site is on-track to be fully operational by end of January 2022.

The Role of Majorel

Majorel designs, builds and delivers next-generation end-to-end customer experience (CX) solutions for many of the world’s most respected digital-native and vertical leading brands. Its comprehensive east-to-west global footprint in 31 countries across five continents, with more than 66,800 team members and 60 languages, allows it to deliver flexible solutions that leverage expertise in cultural nuance – which it believes to be essential for true excellence in CX.

“We have deep domain expertise in tech-augmented front to-back-office CX. Additionally, we offer Digital Consumer Engagement, CX Consulting and an innovative suite of Proprietary Digital Solutions for industry verticals. We are a global leader in Content Services, Trust & Safety. We believe the ‘Majorel difference’ to be our culture of entrepreneurship,”

Google’s objective

Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Through products and platforms like Search, Maps, Gmail, Android, Google Play, Chrome and YouTube, Google plays a meaningful role in the daily lives of billions of people and has become one of the most widely-known companies in the world. Google is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

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