Focus on solving problems – Remoteli CEO advises start-ups

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Samuel Brooksworth, CEO-Remoteli Limited

Founder and CEO of Africa’s fast-growing tech-led outsourcing company Remoteli Limited, Samuel Brooksworth, has urged start-up business owners to concentrate on solving problems that impact people rather than financial gains.

According to the British-Ghanaian businessman, it is typical for every business to aim at financial benefits; but there should also be some focus on solving problems that impact many people.

Speaking about the inception of Remoteli, Mr. Brooksworth said the unemployment situation across the continent compelled him to make a change; hence the launch of Remoteli to support businesses in Africa and around the globe.

“The unemployment rate of young people across the continent troubles me. According to data from the International Labour Organisation, this is Africa’s most educated generation to emerge from schools and universities. Despite this, of the continent’s 420+ million people aged between 15-35 years, more than one-third are unemployed and I felt compelled to make a change,” he said.

He further indicated that young people working at Remoteli are becoming more familiar with using all the different ultra-modern technologies and systems that are used within international tech ecosystems.

“The more people we employ, the more we can educate and train people on new and innovative tools and solutions available for use. We hope that through this, many more companies in Ghana will be able to grow and become more familiar with the best technologies available to help take their businesses forward,” he stressed.

Recounting the company’s growth since its inception in the UK, the founder – who is a former candidate on the UK’s version of the reality TV show ‘The Apprentice’ – narrated how he seized on the global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 to move from the UK to Ghana and set up the remote skills business –Remoteli Ghana Limited.

Mr. Brooksworth said: “During the pandemic, we saw graduate unemployment had increased and saw an opportunity to get started by expanding our horizons and establishing abroad here in Ghana. To begin with, I moved to Ghana from the UK in December 2020 and hired a few members of staff. I wanted to begin making an impact in my home-country first. We have since grown to 70 staff members, working with over 95 businesses in over 10 countries around the world”.

He added that Remoteli works with companies both big and small around the world. From global organisations with over 2,000 staff to solo entrepreneurs (solopreneurs). “We are here to assist anyone and everyone by providing staff for their business operations. Seeing the growth of tech in Ghana is great; and, hopefully, through this growth more jobs will be created in the country and across the continent to keep our best talent here. The workforce is young, intelligent and ready to help change the world,” he reiterated.

In Africa, the company currently only has an established office in Accra, Ghana, and is seeking to expand operations and open offices in Rwanda and Kenya during the next few months.


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