My baby’s skin made me an entrepreneur

My baby’s skin made me an entrepreneur

…the story behind FlocareBeauty

As Victor Kiam puts it: “Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity, and are able to turn both to their advantage”. This clearly portrays the story of Christabel Ofori, a mother who struggled in finding good natural skincare products that would suit her baby’s dry and sensitive skin – a product that wouldn’t cost a fortune. Her ordeal birthed a business idea that is making waves when it comes to natural skincare products.

Christabel told B&FT’s Inspiring Start-ups that during her search for the right product for her baby’s skin, most of those available on the Ghanaian market were usually imported popular brands but her baby reacted to all of them. And then her mother recommended she should use shea-butter.

She took the advice and decided to try it. And as someone who graduated from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and having worked with Unilever as a production manager, she appreciated the value of research. So, she did some research and experimented several formulations until she settled on one that worked perfectly for her baby’s skin and made it soft and smooth.

Eventually, she started introducing it to family and friends; and something that initially started as a personal product metamorphosed into a business idea when demand for it increased. With just GH¢500, FlocareBeauty was birthed.

About FlocareBeauty

FlocareBeauty is a natural and organic skin and hair-care brand that delivers nourishing and rejuvenating products, handmade and minimally processed, using safe, natural indigenous ingredients such as Shea-butter, baobab oil and African black soap. FlocareBeauty provides safe, quality, rich products carefully formulated with the Afro-ethnic consumer in mind, and leaves you nourished, pampered and confident.

“Our products cater for all ages and skin types, even for the afro-ethnic consumer who struggles to find products that work for their unique melanin-rich skin, and afro-textured hair types including individuals with sensitive skin. Aside from providing an amazing moisturising, nourishing and rejuvenating experience, our products help you achieve beautiful radiant skin and healthy, full hair through very simple skin and hair-care routines,” she said.

Being a chemical engineer and having worked as production manager in a multi-national manufacturing company for 7 years, Christabel understands the science of what she’s doing as she pays attention to detail at every step of the production, and ensures each batch is made under strict hygienic conditions with no compromise on quality.

“We are FDA-approved. Our products are all handmade from scratch using safe, high quality, natural ingredients that we formulate and pack under strict hygienic conditions. With passion, we are inspired to continue to deliver natural products that are safe for the entire family. We do not use any harsh chemicals or synthetic preservatives and additives in our products,” she said.

Supporting livelihoods

Unlike other start-ups, FlocareBeauty makes sure its activities support other people’s business. For instance, it sources the bulk of its raw materials from women traders and                  cooperatives in the Northern and Western Regions.  Christabel says what’s crucial to her is that these products are purchased under fair trade and the right price is paid. This, she said, helps them improve their livelihoods and to care for their families.


In the next five years, she envisages FlocareBeauty being known as the number-one household brand when it comes to natural skin care products for families. She hopes it will be number one in Ghana and among the top brands in Africa.  She also hopes to work on logistics in order to widen market reach by exporting, as she believes there’s a lot of demand for her products internationally.


Getting access to market locally, she said, sometimes become a challenge for her and other start-ups in general, as many shops are unwilling to try new products and make them accessible to potential buyers. Beside the local market challenges, having access to the international market is also a hurdle to jump.

“Another issue, also, is getting my products outside Ghana at an affordable rate. There’s a lot of interest for the product outside of the country – even within Africa, but the cost of shipping is expensive and this is making us lose sales. This is a major challenge I am trying to overcome because there are so many potentials out there,” she added.

Unprofessionalism and delays in delivering products to buyers on the part of delivery services is also a major challenge.

How government can support

For Christabel, two ways government can support start-ups are assisting them with funds as well as providing avenues that give them platforms to advertise their products. For instance, using the state media, or even private ones, where their brands and products can receive a lot more publicity.

Advice to prospective entrepreneurs

“First of all, when you have an idea, take time to research, don’t just start. Also, I knew I didn’t have a background in sales and marketing so I paid to take courses in that aspect, and that has helped the growth of my business.

“Also, learn to collaborate with other people. More importantly, if you are leaving your job for your own business initiative, you have to be sure of your idea and make other plans to sustain you.

“As an entrepreneur, in-depth research, learning and capacity building is crucial to the success and quality of products, as well as the brand,” she advised.          

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