OmniBSIC Bank enhances local policing with vehicle donation to Airport Police


OmniBSIC Bank has donated a Nissan Navara Pickup to the Airport Police Station, aiming to bolster its operational efficiency as well as strengthening security within the community and its surroundings.

The Bank’s initiative aims to reinforce the peace and security enjoyed by residents and institutions within the Airport enclave.

During the presentation, OmniBSIC’s Managing Director (MD), Daniel Asiedu, praised the diligent efforts of the Airport Police Force, attributing the Bank’s seamless relocation to the Airport area to their support.

“Since we relocated our head office here, we have enjoyed enormous support from the Airport Police. This support extends to other locations where we are present.

“We believe it is important to support the Airport Police to enhance their capabilities. We have never experienced any crime incidents or shortages of police presence here. Amidst all challenges, they are doing their best,” Mr. Asiedu remarked.

The OmniBSIC Bank MD emphasised the collective responsibility in policing, urging other corporate organisations to support security agencies, particularly the Ghana Police Service, enabling them to further safeguard citizens.

He acknowledged the government’s resource challenges and called for a collaborative approach, especially from corporate institutions, to enhance the police’s capacity to perform their duties. “Policing is not solely the responsibility of the Ghana Police but of all of us.

“While the government is tasked with resourcing them, it faces significant challenges. Therefore, I call on other corporate organisations to support the security agencies, especially the Ghana Police,” he urged.

“Our commitment to supporting the communities where we operate is unwavering,” Mr. Asiedu further stated. “We will continue to expand our initiatives to give back and enhance the well-being and security of these communities.”

Regional Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Arhin Kwesi Annor, reiterated the importance of shared responsibility in policing and highlighted the significance of logistics in their work. He expressed confidence that the donated vehicle would enable the Airport Police Station to “patrol a wider area, respond to emergencies promptly, and engage in proactive policing strategies.”

On behalf of the Airport Police Station, DCOP Annor conveyed profound gratitude to OmniBSIC Bank’s management and staff. He further instructed the District Commander, Superintendent (SP) Michael Asiedu, to ensure proper maintenance of the vehicle to guarantee its longevity and continued service to the community.

SP Asiedu affirmed the station’s dedication to upholding the safety and tranquility enjoyed by residents and institutions in the area.

“We are committed to maintaining the high standards of safety and security that our community relies on. This vehicle will significantly enhance our ability to serve and protect,” he stated.

Other executives of the Bank present at the ceremony were the Company Secretary and Head of Legal and Recoveries, Mrs. Akyaa Afreh Arhin Addo-Kufour, as well as the Group Head, of Corporate Communications, Service Quality and E-Business (CSE), Mrs. Chidinma Braye-Yankee.

OmniBSIC Bank is a fully-fledged universal bank that traces its roots to a merger between the erstwhile OmniBank and Sahel Sahara Bank. The merger was spurned by the banking sector consolidation program introduced by the Bank of Ghana (BOG) in 2017, through several directives including the increment of the minimum capital requirement almost fourfold.

The union between the banks is one of the most successful mergers in the financial services industry.

With headquarters at Atlantic Tower, Airport City, and an extensive Branch network of 40 across Ghana, OmniBSIC Bank provides a complete range of products, services, and digital offerings tailored to the needs of its Corporate, SME, and individual customers while supporting the communities in which the Bank operates. The Bank is a member of the Ghana Deposit Protection Scheme. For more information, please visit:

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